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Vanguard Control Overview

Title: Elevate Your Game with the Selkirk Vanguard Control Paddle

Selkirk's commitment to innovation and excellence shines once again with the release of their latest pickleball paddle: the Vanguard Control. As part of their popular Vanguard Line, which is a highly-regarded control-focused line, the Vanguard Control represents a significant leap forward in paddle technology, offering players unparalleled spin and control on the court.

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Enhanced Core Technology

One of the most notable upgrades in the Vanguard Control lies within its core. The X5+ 16mm Polypropylene core, developed in Selkirk Labs for Project 006, sets a new standard for performance. This innovative core is designed to absorb ball vibrations, providing players with enhanced stability and control during gameplay. Additionally, it enlarges the sweet spot, offering players better feedback and precision when striking the ball.

Improved Grip Design

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In addition to the advanced core technology, the Vanguard Control features a new and improved octagonal grip design. This ergonomic design offers players greater control and maneuverability over their paddle, allowing for more precise shots and increased confidence on the court.

Cutting-Edge Carbon Fiber Face

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The Vanguard Control takes performance to the next level with its Quad Carbon, T700 raw carbon fiber face. This high-quality material enhances the paddle's overall touch, performance, and durability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of intense gameplay. Notably, the raw carbon fiber surface, also found in the SLK Halo line and Project Labs 006, sets the Vanguard Control apart with additional striations running down its length. These striations provide greater roughness, resulting in better ball bite and increased spin potential compared to its predecessors.


The Selkirk Vanguard Control paddle represents a pinnacle of paddle technology, combining advanced core technology, improved grip design, and cutting-edge carbon fiber face to offer players unmatched spin and control on the court. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to elevate your game or a newcomer seeking a competitive edge, the Vanguard Control is sure to impress. 

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