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Visiting the historic and blockbuster-featured Pullman Yards — Destination Pickle on Selkirk TV

By Brynn Grissom

on Oct 18, 2023

Rob Nunnery visits some of the best pickleball venues in the country on Destination Pickle

In the second episode of “Destination Pickle,” host Rob Nunnery takes a visit to Pullman Yards in Atlanta, Georgia. 

He dives into the history of the yards, tastes some of the location’s most famous food offerings, and of course, picks up a game of pickleball. 

The history of the complex

Pullman Yards is a former industrial complex named for the Pullman family who revolutionized rail travel by installing luxury sleeper cars that allowed passengers to travel from one side of the country to another in style. The Atlanta complex used to serve as the train repair center for the company’s luxury sleeper cars. 

The stewards of the luxury sleeper cars were known as the Pullman porters, and several of the porters formed The Brotherhood of the Sleeping Porters, which became the first African-American labor union in the U.S. 

Before the Pullman company purchased the property in 1926, it was used by Pratt Engineering to manufacture fertilizer bombs for World War I and to develop a liquid carbonated gas that was later purchased by Coca-Cola. 

After rail travel died down, the site was abandoned before becoming a popular filming location. In 2017, the Pullam Yards were purchased by Atomic Entertainment, which ushered in a new era of filming on such projects as “Hunger Games,” “Fast and Furious,” and “Baby Driver. 

Drinking and dining

Pullman Yards boasts two restaurants on the property. The first, Fishmonger, is one of the hottest up-and-coming restaurants in the country serving up fresh fish, a raw bar, and cocktails. 

Dailies & Sides is a movie-themed restaurant that pays homage to all the different films and TV shows that have been filmed on-site through artwork and filming relics. And of course, the restaurant serves up tongue-in-cheek menu items, including the “Poultrygeist” sandwich and “Frankenweenie” hotdog. 

Painted shipping containers scattered throughout the property can be opened up to reveal individual bars for private parties and events. 

The inside of the massive property is still under construction. One portion will be transformed into “The Alcohall,” a food hall with niche beer, wine, and spirit brands. Customers will be able to learn about each brand’s history and distilling process before sipping back and relaxing with friends. 

Pickleball and other entertainment

Pullman Yards has three outdoor pickleball courts that are home to a variety of players, including professional Timothy Lam. 

Aside from pickleball, Pullman Yards’ outdoor space also boasts a rollerskating area, bocce courts, and fire pits. A stage is home to concerts, festivals, and the Pullman Pop Symphony Orchestra. 

Several buildings on the property are being renovated to serve a variety of purposes, including a gala event center and an open-air atrium. More than 1.5 million people have visited the site since its opening two years ago, and the additions are expected to draw even larger crowds. 

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