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Tyler Loong's Professional Pickleball Career, Entrepreneurial Mindset, and Take on Pickleball's Growth - Future of Pickleball on SelkirkTV

By Paul Olson

on Apr 25, 2023


Welcome to another exciting blog post dedicated to the world of pickleball! In today's post, we'll be discussing a recent episode from the show "Future of Pickleball" on SelkirkTV. This particular episode features an in-depth interview with Tyler Loong, a professional pickleball player, and a man with many sponsorships. We'll cover the highlights of the conversation, touching on Tyler's background, his connection with The Picklr, and his vision for the future of the sport. Let's dive in!

Tyler Loong - A Background in Excellence:

The episode kicks off with an introduction to Tyler Loong, a prominent figure in the pickleball world. As a professional player, he has managed to balance his family and work life, while still maintaining a successful career in the sport. With multiple sponsorships under his belt, Tyler has made a name for himself in the pickleball community.

The Picklr Connection:

During the interview, Tyler discusses his relationship with The Picklr, a brand known for its premium pickleball equipment. This partnership has helped Tyler advance his career, and further exemplifies his dedication to the sport.

Understanding PPA and MLP:

In the world of pickleball, there are two main leagues: the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) and the Major League Pickleball (MLP). Tyler explains the difference between these two organizations, offering valuable insight into the nuances of the sport's competitive scene.

Projected Professional Pickleball Player Careers:

The conversation then shifts towards the projected careers of professional pickleball players. Tyler provides his perspective on what the future might hold for athletes in this growing sport and the potential opportunities they may encounter.

Balancing Work and Family Life:

One of the most inspiring aspects of Tyler's story is his ability to balance his professional pickleball career with his family and work life. The interview delves into how he manages this challenging juggling act, offering inspiration to aspiring pickleball players and fans alike.

The Future of Pickleball:

Lastly, Tyler shares his vision for the future of pickleball. As a professional player with firsthand experience, his insights provide a unique and optimistic outlook for the sport's continued growth and development.


This episode of "Future of Pickleball" on SelkirkTV offers a captivating look into the life and career of Tyler Loong, a dedicated professional pickleball player. From his connection with The Picklr to his thoughts on the future of the sport, Tyler's insights are both informative and inspiring. To watch the full episode and stay updated on the latest pickleball content, don't forget to download the Selkirk TV app today!

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