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Steve Kuhn on Major League Pickleball's Crazy Inception Story - The Future of Pickleball Podcast on SelkirkTV

By Paul Olson

on Mar 02, 2023

SELKIRK TV recently released a much anticipated pilot episode of its original show - The Future Of Pickleball - with special guest, and founder of Major League Pickleball, Steve Kuhn.

In this episode, host Paul Olson and Steve Kuhn about how he discovered pickleball, why pickleball is so addictive, his vision for pickleball's short and long term growth, his preference for team-based format in pickleball, MLP amateur formats, the concept behind "dreambreakers," the celebrity ownerships behind MLP, the DUPR player rating system, camps, and much more. 

 "If you take the current estimated number of 8 million players in 2022, and you believe the sport can grow by 30% each year, by 2030 you're at 40 million players. I call that the 40 by 30 plan. Our mission at MLP and DUPR is to get to that 40 by 30 goal."

Kuhn changed the game for professional pickleball by founding Major League Pickleball in 2021. Since, the league has drawn mass media attention and celebrity investment from the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Tom Brady, Mark Cuban, Patrick Mahomes, Gary Vee, Nick Kyrgios, and many more. Following a merge with the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour in 2022, Major League Pickleball was solidified as the premier team-based pickleball format for the top professionals in the world. The current league structure consists of a Premier Level and Challenger Level, with 12 franchise teams, consisting of four players each, at each level. 

To watch the complete episode and many other Selkirk TV original shows, podcasts, lesson series from the pros, and much more, download the Selkirk TV app HERE

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