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Pro Pickleball's Right-Side Specialists and MLP Atlanta Preview - The James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV

By James Ignatowich

on Sep 19, 2023

In the latest episode of the James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV, host James Ignatowich and Adam Stone break down the rise in popularity of the right-side specialist role in pickleball, preview MLP Atlanta, and much more!

James Takes on the Right-Side Specialist Role

This episode, available on SelkirkTV, witnesses the host James Ignatowich embracing round two as a right-side specialist. It's a position that demands precision, strategy, and skill. Can James master this role? Tune in to the 1:36 mark and see for yourself.

In-Depth Team Previews

The show doesn't stop there. As avid pickleball fans will attest, the competitive landscape is rich and varied. The episode offers tantalizing previews of the top teams in the mix. Dive deep into the prowess of the DC Pickleball Team at 5:53, uncover the strategies of the Chicago Slice at 10:06, and get an inside look at the powerhouse that is the Utah Black Diamonds at 15:18.

Sticking to the Sides - A Competitive Edge?

A burning question explored in this episode is whether having players adhere to a particular side throughout a tournament provides a tactical edge. To unveil this mystery, jump to the 18:25 mark and indulge in a comprehensive discussion that will leave you pondering your own pickleball strategies.

Feuds and Dramas: Tyson McGuffin vs. Tyler Loong

What's sports without a dash of drama? At 20:56, James delves into the ongoing feud between two of the sport's most recognizable names: Tyson McGuffin and Tyler Loong. Why is there a rift? Who holds the upper hand? All will be revealed.

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