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Mike Hoxie on Pickleball's Chances for the 2032 Olympics - Future of Pickleball on SelkirkTV

By Paul Olson

on Aug 03, 2023

In episode 27 of The Future of Pickleball Show on SelkirkTV, we venture into the dynamic world of pickleball with our special guests, Mike Hoxie and the team from P.I.G. (Pickleball Is Great). This exciting interview gives us a unique peek into the pickleball universe, exploring its many dimensions from the perspective of true enthusiasts.

0:24 - Meet Mike Hoxie and P.I.G. 🐽

We kick off with a background check, uncovering the roots of Mike Hoxie and P.I.G.'s passion for pickleball, and how their journey in this sport began. Their infectious enthusiasm sets the stage for the rest of our insightful discussion.

5:52 - The Challenges of Facilities 🏭

Next, we explore the challenges pickleball communities face with facility management. We discuss how these hurdles impact the sport's growth and potential solutions to these problems.

6:55 - Starting a Pickleball Organization 🏓

If you've ever wondered about starting a pickleball organization, this segment provides valuable insights. From ground-zero to the key elements required for a successful launch, we cover it all.

8:44 - The World of Junior Pickleball 🧒

Shifting focus to the younger generation, we discuss the development of junior pickleball. We delve into efforts being made to nurture young talent and the importance of promoting the sport among youth.

11:33 - Mike's Vision for the Future of Pickleball 🔮

Fast forward to the future as we tap into Mike's vision for pickleball. What does the road ahead look like? This segment uncovers Mike's predictions and hopes for the sport.

14:55 - Pickleball in the Olympics? 🏓

Finally, we broach the tantalizing possibility of pickleball becoming an Olympic sport. We explore potential challenges and rewards of this journey, creating an exciting dialogue on pickleball's global potential.

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