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SelkirkTV | Jun 13, 2023

By Paul Olson

Matt Manasse on what it's like teaching pickleball to Celebrities - Future of pickleball on selkirktv

In a recent episode of the Future of Pickleball Show on SelkirkTV, the world of pickleball gets a little bit brighter. In this highly anticipated 20th episode, host Paul Olson welcomes the enthusiastic and insightful Matt Manasse for an in-depth discussion about pickleball's trajectory.

0:00 - Introduction to the 20th Episode

Manasse, a passionate advocate for the sport, begins by shedding light on his background. He shares the journey that led him to become deeply involved in the pickleball community. His intriguing narrative sets the stage for the engaging conversation to follow.

0:34 - Background: How Matt Manasse Became a Pickleball Enthusiast

One of the most compelling aspects of this episode is Manasse's view on the Major League Pickleball (MLP) format. Beginning at 2:21, Manasse dives into a detailed analysis of the MLP format and explores its potential to shape the future of the sport. His informed perspective adds a valuable layer to the ongoing conversation about how competition structures can impact the sport's evolution.

2:21 - Deep Dive: Matt's Thoughts on the MLP Format

Manasse's deep involvement in pickleball has led him to forge connections with celebrity-type players in the sport. From 3:16, he offers listeners an inside look at his experiences and relationships with these renowned figures. The anecdotes he shares provide a fascinating glimpse into the high-profile side of pickleball and its growing influence.

3:16 - Celebrities in Pickleball: Matt's Connections and Experiences

A central theme of the conversation revolves around the future of pickleball, which Manasse begins addressing at 5:46. He explores whether the passion for the sport remains as strong as ever and considers the factors that contribute to its continued growth. His optimism about the sport's direction will undoubtedly resonate with fellow pickleball enthusiasts.

5:46 - The Future of Pickleball: Matt's Vision

From 7:06, the topic shifts to professional pickleball players and their role as ambassadors for the sport. Manasse's views on this topic lend an important perspective to the role of professionals in promoting pickleball and fostering its continued development.

7:06 - Are Professionals the Ambassadors for Pickleball?

Manasse's aspirations for the sport, beginning at 10:09, further underscore his passion and commitment. He shares his vision for the future of pickleball and the potential he sees for the sport to make an impact on a broader scale.

10:09 - Matt's Hopes and Aspirations for Pickleball

Finally, from 12:44, the episode concludes with a discussion about the inclusive nature of pickleball. Manasse emphasizes the equal opportunities within the sport, reinforcing the idea that players of all skill levels can succeed and enjoy the game.

12:44 - Equal Opportunities in Pickleball: A Game for Everyone

This episode of the Future of Pickleball Show is a must-watch for anyone interested in the trajectory of the sport. Manasse's perspectives, combined with his passion for the sport, make for a captivating conversation.

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