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MAJOR Upsets On PPA Tour In Newport & The Amazing, Untold Story of Pro Jorja Johnson - James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV

By James Ignatowich

on May 01, 2023

The latest episode of The James Ignatowich Show, Episode #14, is filled with exciting stories, tournament recaps, and thought-provoking debates. Let's break down the highlights of this action-packed episode!

Jorja Johnson: A Rising Star in the Pickleball World 🌟

The episode kicks off with an introduction to the young and talented Jorja Johnson. We learn about her background in pickleball and her passion for the sport. From humble beginnings, she has quickly become a force to be reckoned with on the court.

2023 PPA Newport Beach Doubles Shootout Recap 🏆

James Ignatowich then dives into a comprehensive recap of the 2023 PPA Newport Beach Doubles Shootout. The tournament featured some fantastic plays and surprising upsets, making it a truly memorable event for pickleball fans.

An Unexpected Victory: Jorja and Anna Bright Dominate Men's 5.0 Division 🏆

In a stunning turn of events, Jorja Johnson and her partner, Anna Bright, emerged victorious in the Men's 5.0 division at the Paddle Tap Tourney. The duo's incredible performance turned heads and left everyone talking.

Jorja's Future Plans and Dream Job 💼

As Jorja looks ahead to college, she discusses her plans for the future with James. We also discover her dream job and how she envisions her life beyond the pickleball court.

Desert Island Decisions 🏝️

In a fun twist, Jorja shares what she would do if she were stuck on a deserted island. This lighthearted segment provides a glimpse into Jorja's personality off the court.

The Top 5 Nicest Players in Pickleball 😊

The episode also reveals the top 5 nicest players in pickleball. It's always great to see recognition for sportsmanship and kindness in the competitive world of pickleball.

MLP vs. PPA: The Age-Old Debate 🤔

Finally, the episode tackles the age-old debate: Major League Pickleball (MLP) or Professional Pickleball Association (PPA)? James and Jorja weigh in on the differences between the two organizations and discuss their personal preferences.

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