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Kaitlyn Kerr, aka Pickleball Chick, and the Amazing Story Behind the Las Vegas Night Owls MLP Franchise - Future of Pickleball on SelkirkTV

By Paul Olson

on Apr 25, 2023


Pickleball is rapidly gaining popularity, not only as a recreational sport but also as a competitive one. In the latest episode of "The Future of Pickleball Show" on SelkirkTV, Kaitlyn, known as "pickleball.chick," shares her thoughts on the sport's future, as well as her personal journey in the pickleball community. This blog post will provide an overview of the topics discussed in the episode and highlight some key insights.

Kaitlyn's Background and the Birth of "Pickleball.Chick":

In the first part of the episode, Kaitlyn shares her background and how she got involved in the pickleball community. She also talks about the inspiration behind her popular social media channel, pickleball.chick, which has become a go-to source for pickleball enthusiasts.

The Las Vegas Night Owls and the Future of Major League Pickleball:

Kaitlyn discusses her ownership role with the Las Vegas Night Owls, a team in the Major League Pickleball (MLP). She provides her perspective on where the league will be in four years, as well as the factors contributing to its potential success.

Pickleball's Rapid Growth:

The conversation then shifts to the rapid growth of the sport. They explore the reasons behind the increasing popularity of pickleball and its potential to become a mainstream sport.

The Potential Disconnect between Professional Players and Fans:

The discussion turns to whether the rapid growth of the sport could lead to a disconnect between professional players and fans. Kaitlyn and the host examine the challenges that might arise as pickleball continues to evolve.

Retired Professional Athletes Entering the Pickleball Scene:

The impact of retired professional athletes venturing into pickleball is another topic of discussion. They delve into how the sport's landscape might change with the influx of seasoned athletes from other disciplines.

Kaitlyn's Future Endeavors in Pickleball:

Finally, Kaitlyn shares her future plans in the sport, hinting at exciting developments to come.


This episode of "The Future of Pickleball Show" provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of pickleball through the eyes of Kaitlyn, aka pickleball.chick. From the growth of the Major League Pickleball to the potential challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, it's clear that the future of pickleball is an exciting one.

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