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Jorge Barragan on Utah's Wild Pickleball Scene and The Picklr - Future of Pickleball on SelkirkTV

By Paul Olson

on Jun 29, 2023

Welcome to an exhilarating episode of The Future of Pickleball Show on SelkirkTV, featuring host Paul Olson and special guest Jorge Barragan of The Picklr. 

0:25 - Journey of The Picklr 🏓

Unravel the story behind The Picklr and their vision of creating a distinctive space for pickleball players of all skill levels. Barragan’s unique approach to growing the sport and the challenges he faced in the process make for an inspiring tale.

2:44 - Utah's Influential Role in Pickleball's Growth ✊

We shift focus to the vibrant pickleball scene in Utah and its significant impact on the sport's growth and popularity. This part of the conversation offers an insightful perspective on the localized growth of pickleball.

6:52 - The Rising Wave of Youth Pickleball 🤔

The episode dives into the promising potential of youth pickleball, discussing its potential influence on the sport's future. This exploration prompts some exciting possibilities and discussions about the future of the sport.

11:03 - The Hunt for Emerging Pickleball Talent 🔎 🔦

The conversation moves to opportunities for brands to scout and support young talent within the pickleball world. This part of the discussion explores how brand partnerships can play a pivotal role in shaping the sport's future.

13:18 - Challenges and Triumphs of Creating a Pickleball Entertainment Center ❔

Learn about the obstacles faced by The Picklr when developing their pickleball entertainment center and how they tackled these challenges. This part of the episode provides a practical look at the hurdles of creating a successful sport-based business.

15:44 - Niche Marketing Strategies in the World of Pickleball 👀

Uncover the secrets of finding a niche marketing demographic and building a loyal community in the pickleball world. The Picklr’s marketing strategy offers a case study on how to connect and engage effectively with your audience.

18:05 - Connecting with Jorge Barragan and The Picklr 📬

The episode concludes by offering details on how to get in touch with Barragan and The Picklr for potential collaborations, learning more about their pickleball center, or exploring opportunities in the pickleball world.

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