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Introducing Destination Pickle, a new Selkirk TV series highlighting the world’s most exciting pickleball venues

By Brynn Grissom

on Oct 05, 2023

Rob Nunnery visits Chicken N Pickle Grapevine for the inagural episode of Destination Pickle

Selkirk TV is launching a brand new series that transports pickleball enthusiasts to the most eye-catching and exciting pickleball destinations around the world. 

Hosted by Selkirk athlete Rob Nunnery, “Destination Pickle” is sure to shock, inspire, and maybe make even the most seasoned pickleballers a little envious of the world’s most insane pickleball venues. 

In the inaugural episode, join Rob as he heads to Chicken N Pickle’s Grapevine location — its largest location to date — in the Dallas-Fortworth area.

Chicken N Pickle is an indoor/outdoor complex that combines a restaurant and sports bar with the fun of pickleball. Currently, the company boasts eight locations throughout the U.S., with another seven in the works. 

The Grapevine location is home to a standalone restaurant serving up fare such as chicken tinga tacos, deviled eggs, and of course, a chicken sandwich. The location also plans to have an outdoor barbecue shack where players can chow down on their Texas-sized plate and head directly to the courts. Also in the works? A court-side pizza shack. 

When people are playing pickleball, they can head up to the rooftop patio bar that overlooks the courts so patrons can still watch others play while sipping on a beer or signature craft cocktail unique to each location. 

The Grapevine location features a “Kiwi and T” (similar to a gin and tonic), a “Naughty Cherry” (with cherry vodka, pomegranate syrup, and sprite), and a “Guava Paloma” (with grapefruit tequila and St. Germain). 

Of course, no Destination Pickleball venue would be complete without pickleball courts, and Chicken N Pickle Grapevine has plenty to show off. There are two outdoor courts, two “Texas” covered outdoor courts where the courts are painted like the Texas state flag, and eight indoor courts.  

As part of the company’s community outreach efforts, the Grapevine location and the Grand Prairie, Texas, location purchased pickleball-specific wheelchairs so anyone wishing to play can do so. 

For those looking for some fun outside of pickleball, the property also includes “The Yard” where patrons can kick back with a game of cornhole, pickle pong, shuffleboard, and giant versions of Connect 4, Battleship, and Jenga. 

Those in the Dallas area can check out one of the three Chicken N Pickle locations. Be sure to stay tuned for the next stop of Destination Pickle. 

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