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The Crazy Way Morgan Evans Became the Renaissance Man of Pickleball - The Future of Pickleball Podcast on SelkirkTV

By Paul Olson

on Mar 09, 2023

SELKIRK TV released a new episode this week of its original show - The Future Of Pickleball - with special guest, and picklaball renaissance man, Morgan Evans. 

In this episode, host Paul Olson and Morgan Evans discuss Morgans' multifaceted growth into the pickleball space, his professional playing career, his love for broadcasting and role as a commentator, his role as a Director at a club in the pickleball hotspot of Palm Desert, his coaching role for top pros like James Ignatowich, his outlook on what future growth of pickleball will look like including University and Olympic participation, and much more.

"I think local players and advocates have a real chance to start lobbying high schools and Universities to encourage more participation at that age group through programs. It won't be long before the NCAA take note and go in," said Morgan Evans. "I think that's the best chance we have to inspire a movement towards having pickleball at the Olympic Games."

Morgan Evans has been around the sport of pickleball for quite some time and has established himself as one of the most recognizable names and trusted voices in the game. Perhaps best known for his famous spin serve which left opponents scrambling, Evans has been an innovator and important advocate for the sport throughout its rapid growth the past few years. Evans' impressive pickleball mind has also lead to his role as a coach for professionals on tour, as Evans helps several of the top players in the world improve their game between tournaments and make strategic adjustments throughout matches. Evans is also an incredible promoter for Selkirk Sport and its top-end pickleball paddles and products. He will be utilizing his acting skills for some upcoming comedic sketches with the Selkirk content team. Stay tuned!

To watch the complete episode and many other Selkirk TV original shows, podcasts, lesson series from the pros, and much more, download the Selkirk TV app HERE

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