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Brendon Long's Fast-Rise to Pickleball Stardom at PPA Selkirk Red Rock Open - James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV

By James Ignatowich

on Apr 17, 2023

In the 12th episode of The James Ignatowich Show on Selkirk TV, host James Ignatowich is joined by special guest Brendon Long for a deep dive into the world of professional pickleball. From controversial decisions in the MLP Challenger League to predictions for the 2024 MLP Premiere League Draft, this action-packed episode has it all. Fans of the sport won't want to miss the inside scoop on U.S. Open partners, PPA partners, and the challenges of finding sponsors in the sport.

Meet Our Special Guest, Brendon Long:

The episode kicks off with an introduction to the special guest, Brendon Long, a professional pickleball player and rising star. Brendon shares his journey into the world of pickleball and offers his unique perspective on the sport.

The MLP Challenger League Snub:

James and Brendon dive into the recent controversy surrounding the MLP Challenger League, discussing the implications of the snub and how it has affected the sport. They offer their thoughts on the issue, providing valuable insights into the inner workings of professional pickleball.

2024 MLP Premiere League Draft Predictions:

As the conversation shifts to the 2024 MLP Premiere League Draft, James and Brendon share their predictions on who will be the top picks. They discuss the potential impact of these rising stars on the league and the sport as a whole.

PPA Selkirk Red Rock Open Tournament Recap:

Both James and Brendon participated in the recent Red Rock tournament, and they each share their personal experiences and highlights from the event. 

The Secret to Success:

In this segment, Brendon reveals his daily routine, offering a glimpse into the life of a professional pickleball player. From practice schedules to mental preparation, he shares the secrets to his success on the court.

U.S. Open Partners and PPA Partners:

The discussion moves to the topic of partnerships, as James and Brendon explore the importance of U.S. Open and PPA partners in the world of professional pickleball. They discuss the challenges of forming strong alliances and the impact these partnerships have on the sport.

The Quest for Sponsorship:

Finding sponsors in the world of pickleball can be challenging, and James and Brendon delve into this topic, sharing their experiences and offering advice for players seeking support.

A Look Ahead at Brendon's PPA Partners & Schedule:

To wrap up the episode, Brendon offers a sneak peek into his upcoming PPA partners and schedule, giving fans a chance to follow his journey in the sport.

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