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A visit to honky tonks and a lesson on Nashville’s pickleball crisis — Destination Pickle on Selkirk TV

By Brynn Grissom

on Nov 02, 2023

Rob Nunnery visits Nashville and learns about its lack of courts

In the third episode of “Destination Pickle,” host Rob Nunnery doesn’t just visit one pickleball destination, but takes a grand tour of the Volunteer State. 

Follow along as Rob explores the state’s vibrant pickleball scene by playing the sport with some of Nashville’s country music stars and professional football and hockey players. And of course, no trip to Nashville would be complete without a visit to the honky-tonks on Broadway. 

A lack of courts

Rob talks with a variety of pickleball community leaders in Nashville and hears that there is a large demand for the sport, but the city is lacking in facilities. 

There are thousands of players in the city, but only a handful of permanent courts. So, many players set up their own nets on tennis courts to be able to play. 

21 Club 

To help with the shortage, a well-loved dive bar in Nashville called the 21 Club set up two pickleball courts next to the bar. It’s the only bar in Nashville that boasts pickleball courts. 

Rob meets up with Ben Helson, the guitarist for Dierks Bentley, to enjoy $5 burgers, $2.50 beers, and a game of pickleball. 

Franklin Courts

Rob heads south the Franklin, Tennessee, to chat with locals about the pickleball scene. The sport is popular in the city, but most players have to find gymnasiums, YMCAs, and rec centers that allow them to play.  

As more people move to the city, many hope investors will help install more permanent options like the Franklin Courts. 

Rob also takes a time out from his tour to teach players how to perform a mid-court reset. 

505 Nashville

The 505 Nashville building is home to the city’s most unique pickleball court on its rooftop. Rob plays several games before some building residents claim their reservation slot. 

C2 Pickleball

Rob heads outside of the city to visit C2 Pickleball, an indoor facility, in Henderson, Tennessee. The courts are placed on hardwood floors and Rob talks with more locals about the difficulties of the city’s current facilities. 


A trip to Nashville would be incomplete without a visit to Broadway. Although it was the middle of the day on a Tuesday, Rob runs into large crowds as he visits Nashville staples like Robert’s Western World and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. 

Celebrity Pro Am at Belmont University

Rob participates in exhibition matches with fellow professional pickleball players, country music stars, and professional football and hockey players in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Participants included retired NFL player Eric Decker, country music singer Chris lane, retired NHL player James Neal, pickleball pro Hurricane Tyra Black, and more. Rob keeps his mic on throughout the matches, so be sure to listen in on the fun. 

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