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A look into pickleball broadcasting with Camryn Irwin — The MaryGoRound Podcast on Selkirk TV

By Mary Brascia

on Oct 11, 2023

Camryn Irwin shares the secrets of pickleball broadcasting on the MaryGoRound Podcast

In the newest episode of “MaryGoRound,” Mary Brascia welcomes broadcaster Camryn Irwin to the show. 

Camryn and Mary discuss their shared interest in broadcasting, how Camryn manages her busy schedule, and Camryn’s pickleball journey. 

About Camryn Irwin:

Camryn is a busy woman — aside from commentating at PPA and MLP events, Camryn is also an on-field reporter for the Los Angeles Rams and a play-by-play commentator for the Association of Volleyball Professionals Tour. And somehow, after that, she also finds time to dominate on the pickleball court. 

A week in the life of Camryn: 

Camryn spends a lot of time on the road as she covers the various sports. But when she’s lucky enough to get 24-72 hours at home, she tries to take care of her plants, including a tree that she’s named George. 

How did Camryn get started in broadcasting: 

Camryn is a lifelong athlete and even played college and professional volleyball. She says it's the life lessons she learned both on and off the court that inspired her to pursue a career in broadcasting so that she could in turn, share those stories with others. 

The challenge of broadcasting for different sports: 

Camryn says it’s exciting getting to commentate on a variety of sports because they all present unique opportunities. She enjoys the challenges that come with each sport. This year’s big lesson? Learning to let others help. 

How Camryn got into pickleball: 

Camryn learned how to play pickleball by watching a video of the rules on the way to her first game. After she played the first time, she remembers thinking, “Oh, this is dangerous for me because I can compete. I can have fun.” Camryn played tennis in high school, but her secret skill is that she’s an avid ping pong player, so she quickly became addicted to pickleball. 

Singles talk: 

When she’s not reporting, Camryn likes to hit the courts to play herself. Right now, she says she’s working on her singles game because she likes the fitness aspect. But she says that the singles training has helped her improve her reporting because she has a better understanding and appreciation for what the pros are doing to succeed.

Does Camryn ever get nervous?: 

Mary used to study broadcast journalism and even did some sideline reporting for ESPN+. She says that even though she used to prepare for her reporting, being in front of the camera always brings some nerves. Camryn says that it’s normal to feel nervous when doing something you’re passionate about, but she always tries to remind herself it’s excitement, passion, and care, rather than nervousness or anxiety. 

Advice for future analysts and broadcasters: 

Camryns shares her biggest advice for aspiring broadcasters: The stage is not yours, the stage is the athlete’s. She says the broadcast is not about what she thinks or feels, it’s about representing the athlete in the best possible light.

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