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Dylan Frazier the new #1 after PPA San Clemente title

By Joshua Gartman

on Jun 30, 2024

Dylan Frazier had the chance to do something special today. Grab the #1 ranking in men’s doubles from Ben Johns. Let’s take a look at how his match unfolded along with the four other championship matches today. 

Women’s Doubles Championship: Waters/Parenteau in straights

Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau continue to separate themselves further from the pack. There were times last year they were challenged but since the March loss to Bright and Rohrabacher it’s been smooth sailing. Today was more of the same as they defeated Jessie Irvine and Tina Pisnik in straight games. The raw power and ability to use all parts of the court got the #1 seeds the victory.

Mens Doubles Championship: Frazier/Johnson capture another

JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier aren’t the flashiest team out there but they play high % pickleball and they know what wins for them. Get to the kitchen and dare opponents to either out dink them or test their lighting fast hands. It eventually wears down the opposition and squeezes the court and the victims today were Hayden Patriquin and Pablo Tellez as Frazier and Johnson captured the title in straight games.

Mixed Doubles Championship: Johns/Waters remain perfect 

After surviving a major scare in the semifinals from the Johnson siblings, Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns had to feel like they were playing with house money today. They played completely free from start to finish and Alshon’s inability to speed up through Anna Leigh Waters proved to be the difference in the match as she and Johns won in straight games. 

Mens Singles Championship: Haworth captures first PPA gold

Christopher Haworth did the unthinkable in San Clemente. He defeated Ben Johns and Federico Staksrud in the same tournament. Most singles players favor either their forehand or their backhand but Haworth has two legitimate weapons from the back of the court and that is what makes him so dangerous. There’s no safe place to go with the ball and when he’s on look out. Staksrud did his best to put as much pressure on him as he could but today was Haworth’s day as he won the title in three games.

Women's Singles Championship: Waters secures triple crown 

Anna Leigh Waters secured her 27th triple crown by defeating Catherine Parenteau 11-6, 11-6 in today's women’s singles final. Parenteau did her best to mix up the looks and try to keep Waters off balance but the #1 seed was sharp with her decision making and execution. What a great tournament for Parenteau securing two silver medals and a gold to end the first half of the 2024 season. 






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