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Your favorite pickleball lessons in 2023

By Brynn Grissom

on Dec 29, 2023 is full of tips to help players improve their pickleball game

In the 2023 world of pickleball, players across the world served up smashing serves, deft volleys, and electrifying rallies on the court. Off the court, many players visited to learn more about the game and catch up with the latest pickleball news.  

As the year comes to a close, we've gathered the most popular blogs from that kept pickleball enthusiasts coming back for more. From tutorials and pickleball paddle information to insights from professional players, these blogs covered it all. 

Join us as we count down the top 10 blogs that made 2023 an unforgettable year in pickleball.

No. 10 — Understanding the new pickleball regulations

Many players were eager to stay up-to-date with the official rule changes coming in 2024, and this blog quickly became a fan favorite. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to the upcoming changes that have the pickleball community buzzing.

No. 9 — The best pickleball paddles for spin

In the ever-evolving game of pickleball, spin is becoming increasingly essential. This blog delves into the science of spin in pickleball paddles and recommends the top paddles that help players achieve extra spin on their shots.

No. 8 — 3 essential pickleball shots taught by pro players

Who better to learn from than the pros themselves? Learn from professional pickleball players — such as Tyson McGuffin, Wes Gabrielson, and Travis Rettenmaier — the top three shots every aspiring pickleball player should master.

No. 7 — 6 Pickleball secrets from pro players that actually improved my game

Continuing the pro-player theme, this blog offers invaluable tips from the best in the business. Take a look at the top tips — such as not rushing to the kitchen line and learning to let balls go — that pros use to stay at the top of the field. 

No. 6 — How do I find my pickleball grip size?

While paddle face and core are often in the spotlight, grip size is a critical yet overlooked aspect of pickleball. Learn about this frequently neglected topic so you can choose the right grip for optimal performance and injury prevention.

No. 5 — 5 tips for intermediate players to improve their game

Read these advanced insights and strategies for those looking to elevate their game beyond the beginner stage. From honing deep serves to learning where to place your shots, this is a must-read for those wanting to move up the pickleball ranks.

No. 4 — 3 tips for consistent third shot drops

The third shot drop is arguably the most crucial skill in pickleball and this blog gives players of all skill levels the keys to improving this game-changing shot.

No. 3 — What is a legal pickleball serve?

Serving rules can be complex as they are constantly evolving. Explore the two types of legal pickleball serves and what players couldn't do while serving so there’s no more confusion on the court.

No. 2 — The best pickleball paddles for tennis players

As pickleball continues to grow in popularity, more tennis players are trying out the game. As they do, they’re looking for insights into paddle choices that perfectly suit their playing style.

No. 1 — The best pickleball paddles for beginners

No question is more common among new players than, "What paddle should I buy?" This comprehensive guide stole the spotlight in 2023 by answering that query, emphasizing the importance of beginner-friendly paddles that focus on control and ease of use.

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