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Pickleball Education | May 02, 2023

By Kyle Whatnall

Mastering the Lob in Pickleball: A SelkirkTV Instructional Video Breakdown

Looking to master the lob shot? In this blog post, we will delve into a SelkirkTV instructional YouTube video featuring professional pickleball player Susannah Barr. Susannah demonstrates a cooperative drill focusing on the art of the lob, a crucial skill for both offensive and defensive play. Follow along to learn how to execute the perfect lob and improve your overall pickleball game.

The Art of the Lob

The lob is a high-arching shot that sails over your opponent's head, forcing them to retreat and giving you an opportunity to regain control of the point. Susannah emphasizes the importance of practicing offensive lobs, which involve looking to lob while both you and your opponent are at the kitchen line. To execute a successful lob, wait for a ball that you can take out of the air, and then aim to lob it over your opponent's left shoulder. This will make it harder for them to hit an overhead shot with their forehand.

Retrieving Lobs

When it comes to retrieving lobs, Susannah stresses the importance of pivoting and turning to get behind the ball, rather than running backward. Tracking the ball down requires you to drop the ball and then quickly work your way back into the point. Throughout the drill, Susannah alternates between lobbing and retrieving lobs, helping players hone their skills in both aspects of the game.

Fine-tuning Your Technique

To refine your lob technique, Susannah offers several tips:

  1. Reach into the kitchen for lobs more than you think you can, leaning forward and finding your reach.
  2. Aim for a slightly forward trajectory, as too much height isn't necessary.
  3. When retrieving a lob, focus on getting as far back as possible and fully turning around to bring the next shot under control.
  4. Avoid taking the lob off the bounce, as this makes it more likely that you'll hit it out of bounds.
  5. Stay up at the kitchen line after executing a successful lob, as your opponent will likely struggle with their shot while tracking your ball down.

Mastering the lob is an essential skill for any pickleball player, as it helps you maintain an offensive stance and regain control of the point. Susannah Barr's instructional YouTube video offers valuable insights into perfecting this skill and serves as an excellent resource for players looking to elevate their game. Incorporate these tips and practice the drill regularly, and you'll soon find yourself lobbing and retrieving lobs with ease.

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