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How to warm up for singles pickleball like a champion — Tips from pro Catherine Parenteau on Selkirk TV

By Catherine Parenteau

on Sep 25, 2023

Catherine Parenteau shares her singles warmup routine

In a new 7-part series on Selkirk TV,  Catherine Parenteau is breaking down the elements of a successful singles game. In the latest episode, Catherine shares her favorite warm-up drills to get you physically and mentally prepared for a singles match. 

Why it’s important to warm up before a pickleball match

Warming up before a game can not only ensure you’re physically ready but also that you’re mentally prepared for the game ahead. 

It’s important to warm up your body with light cardio and dynamic stretches before getting any reps on the court. But, before you begin any game, you should ensure you have enough time to warm up properly on the court. This ensures you’re warming up the shots you’ll be hitting during the game so you can hit them properly when it’s time for points to be scored. 

Catherine’s winning singles warmup routine

Catherine shares a look at the routine she performs to help her warm up for singles matches. Try incorporating some of the drills to get you in the winning headspace for your next faceoff. 

Lateral dinking

To warm up the cat-and-mouse game, you and your partner should start dinking at the kitchen line in the center of the court. Slowly start dinking to one side of your partner, and then the other, moving them left to right on the court. As you begin to feel comfortable, push the dinks further to the edges of the court. 

Baseline groundstrokes

Once your heart rate is up, head to the baseline in the middle of the court to begin working on groundstrokes. Again, as you feel comfortable, start moving your shots from edge to edge. 

Forehand drives

Stand at the baseline in the opposite corner from your partner and begin hitting forehand drives back and forth. Try to hit the shots as close to the baseline as possible. 

Backhand shots

Once your forehand feels warmed up, head to the other corner of the court and do the same with your backhand. Ensure you are rotating your hips and swinging from low to high for maximum power. 

Third shot drives and drops

Now that you feel comfortable with your ground strokes, it’s time to warm up drives and drops. Remaining on opposite corners of the court, have one partner head to the kitchen line while the other remains at the baseline. 

The player at the baseline will receive the ball, warming up their drives and drops based on the ball fed to them from the player at the kitchen line. 

Once the baseline player feels confident in their forehand drives and drops, rotate corners of the court and warm up backhand drives and drops. Then, switch positions, allowing the player at the kitchen line to head to the baseline for their warmup. 

Serves and returns

Head to the baseline in opposite corners of the court. One player will practice hitting a deep, hard serve while the other will focus on a solid return to the baseline. Again, the server will practice from both sides of the court before the players switch their roles. 

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