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Dink With a Purpose to Dominate Longer Rallies - A SelkirkTV Instructional Video Breakdown

By Kyle Whatnall

on Jun 06, 2023

In a new instructional YouTube video on SelkirkTV, professional pickleball player Porter Barr demonstrates how to make your cross-court dinking more aggressive and effective.

Transforming a Defensive Shot into an Offensive Weapon

The video is a comprehensive guide on mastering the art of the cross-court dink. Barr discusses the importance of this shot, due to its safety and versatility, and illustrates how it often shapes the flow of a game. He introduces a new dimension by suggesting ways to turn the commonly defensive shot into an offensive weapon that applies pressure to opponents.

Aiming for the Feet

A key strategy Barr emphasizes is aiming the ball at the opponent's feet. This tactic forces them into awkward defensive positions such as backpedaling, attempting a short hop, or reaching in to take the ball out of the air at a low height, limiting their ability to respond aggressively.

Introducing the Drill

Barr presents a straightforward drill to hone this tactic. The setup involves two cones placed cross-court from each other, a foot to a foot and a half inside the kitchen line. The goal is to hit dinks past the cone and towards the opponent's feet. However, a vital caveat Barr points out is the need to avoid hitting the ball too far past the cone, which would give the opponent the chance to counterattack.

Countering Aggressive Dinks and the Pitfall of Short-Hopping 

The demonstration includes both backhand and forehand cross-court dinks. Barr shows how to counter an aggressive dink by either taking the ball out of the air to reset it or pivoting back with the foot towards which the ball is coming. He also highlights the dangers of short-hopping, an ineffective response that often results in a shot going straight into the net.

Adding Topspin to Dinks

An interesting twist Barr introduces is the idea of adding a bit of topspin to the dinks. This causes the ball to move more quickly towards the opponent and dip lower over the net, thus exerting more pressure. However, he warns against excessive topspin as it could result in the ball popping up, providing an easy smash opportunity for the opponent.

Applying New Skills into Game Strategy

While it's important to work on these techniques individually, Barr emphasizes the importance of integrating these aggressive cross-court dinks into your overall game strategy. He closes the video by encouraging viewers to take what they've learned to the court and practice their new skills.

To watch the complete episode and many other Selkirk TV original shows, podcasts, lesson series from the pros, and much more, download the Selkirk TV app HERE

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