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Introducing the Pro S1, the best pickleball ball for ball snobs

By Brynn Grissom

on Dec 13, 2023

The Pro S1 pickleball is the best choice for ball snobs

Pickleball is a sport in which precision is key, and the success of a game can hinge not just on the players, but also on the equipment you use. 

While paddles and nets are essential, it's often the humble pickleball ball that receives the most attention from dedicated players. The pickleball you choose to play with can significantly impact your shot trajectory, speed, and overall gameplay. 

Enter the pickleball "ball snobs" — pickleball enthusiasts who are extremely particular about their ball of choice and aren't shy about advocating for it. Pickleballs vary in weight, hardness, and durability, which can affect gameplay … and a ball snob’s opinion. 

How to choose which pickleball to use

Newer players often use a generic pickleball that comes with a starter set of paddles, but typically within a few trips to the courts, a ball snob will step in and hand them their preferred pickleball ball. But how do you know if the ball snob’s preferred ball is right for you? 

Selecting the right pickleball is not a one-size-fits-all decision. For example, you might first choose a ball based on whether you’ll be playing indoor or outdoor. Indoor pickleballs tend to be lighter, providing a softer impact on gym floors. However, because of the lightweight material, they drag more in the air and therefore play slower. Outdoor pickleballs are built to withstand wind and rougher surfaces, so they are heavier and play faster. 

Another sticking point for many players is the color of the ball. Although it may be fun to play with a hot pink or electric blue ball every once in a while, most players prefer the standard neon yellow ball because it is easiest to track in the air. 

Additionally, if you're gearing up for a tournament, you might choose to use the specific ball designated by the event organizers. Flexibility in adapting to different scenarios is key for serious pickleball players.

The current top choices for ball snobs

The current main debate for ball snobs often comes down to the Franklin X-40 vs. the Dura Fast 40. The Dura is the official ball for the PPA and APP tours, while the X-40 is used in MLP

Proponents of the X-40 often laud its durability, but some say it plays slower than other balls. Dura lovers say it is the more consistent ball, but others say it requires more finesse than other balls. 

The new choice for ball snobs

For those who've been yearning for innovation in the world of pickleball balls, Selkirk Sport is introducing the Pro S1. In recent years, the pickleball industry has seen tremendous innovation in paddles, but balls seemed to lag behind. 

Selkirk Sport set out to change this by dedicating rigorous research and development to create the Pro S1 pickleball, which is poised to revolutionize the world of pickleball balls, catering to even the most discerning ball snobs. 

What sets the Pro S1 apart is its consistency and durability. The Pro S1 offers a reliable flight path and bounce, ensuring that the ball will behave predictably throughout the entire game. 

Its durability is unmatched, backed by an industry-first 1-year no-crack warranty. This means you can play confidently knowing that your Pro S1 pickleball will endure countless matches without deteriorating.

The Pro S1 is a balanced ball, which translates to a faster-paced game and precise spins. It empowers players to be in complete control of their shots, enabling them to execute their moves with precision and confidence. For pickleball ball snobs, the Pro S1 is a game-changer, offering everything you desire in a pickleball and more.

The choice of pickleball can be a hotly debated topic among enthusiasts and for a good reason. Your pickleball is your game partner, and you want a ball on which you can rely.

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