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From Couch to Competitive Pickleball - Selkirk Customer Spotlight!

By Stephen Bass

on Jun 14, 2023

 At 56, Robert R. from Winthrop, MA, is an average yet competitive pickleball player who is passionate about the sport. With a current DUPR rating of 3.73, he has been playing for about four years and participates in as many tournaments as possible. He has won bronze in three tournaments, two at the 3.0 level and one at the 3.5 level.

When Robert (far right) first heard about pickleball from his wife, she hoped to encourage him to become more active. He had always loved playing ping pong, and she believed pickleball would be a good fit for him. It took about a week for Robert to hit the court for the first time, and from then on, pickleball quickly became his obsession. He now enjoys playing several times a week and tries to introduce as many people as possible to the game he loves.

Though pickleball is not a family affair for Robert, he has played with his cousin in Florida and is trying to get his brother, an avid golfer, to give the sport a try. Robert's favorite Selkirk paddle shape is the S2. He owns three of Selkirk paddles, including the Tyson McGuffin Invicta and Cammy MacGregor models. He believes Selkirk offers the best paddles for his style of play.

Robert defines his playing style as a semi-banger, but he is working to add finesse and a soft touch to his game while incorporating more dinking. After a few games, he enjoys a cold beer and a burger, while staying hydrated with water and Jigsaw beverage mix during play.

What Robert appreciates most about pickleball are the friendships he has made with people he plays with regularly. He enjoys playing with better players to improve his skills and takes pleasure in helping others learn the game. His enthusiasm for the sport and commitment to introducing it to others is a testament to the power of pickleball in fostering connections and promoting an active lifestyle.

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