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Eva Martin: A Life-Long Racket Sports Enthusiast Finds New Passion in Pickleball

By Aaron Page

on Apr 20, 2023

Eva Martin, a 69-year-old OB-Gyn with a 40-year career, has always been drawn to racket sports. Having played squash in college and med school, as well as tennis, racquetball, and badminton over the years, Eva discovered pickleball in September 2020 and quickly became addicted.

Eva's dedication to pickleball led her to medal in multiple tournaments in Georgia, become the state's No. 1 female player in her age bracket, and even take gold in the National Senior Olympics 2022 singles 3.0-3.5 ages 60+. She's now just a few decimal points away from achieving a 4.0 rating.

Playing pickleball 5-7 times a week, Eva also teaches classes to individuals 3-6 times per week and provides a free monthly beginners class alongside her co-ambassador. She first learned about the sport through a two-page article in Georgia magazine, which piqued her interest immediately. Within 24 hours of discovering pickleball, Eva was on the court, learning the rules, adaptable ground strokes, and strategies from her soon-to-be co-ambassador and doubles partner.

Eva's favorite Selkirk paddle is the Vanguard Epic 2.0 (Midweight), which she uses to execute her strategic, aggressive, and consistent playing style. Known for her powerful serve and patient dinking, she's unexpectedly fast for an almost-70-year-old.

After a few games, Eva enjoys indulging in a burger and fries or pizza. Her favorite aspect of pickleball is the variety of play, improvement, and strategy that incorporates elements from multiple other racket sports. She has met more people through pickleball in the past two years than she has in her 20 years living in East Dublin, Georgia.

Eva's story is a testament to the appeal and addictive nature of pickleball, as well as Selkirk's commitment to delivering quality products and standing behind their promises. With more Selkirk paddles on the courts than any other brand, it's clear that Eva's enthusiasm for the sport is shared by many.

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