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Emerging pro Brooke Bromley talks singing career, using pickleball to bond as a family

By Brynn Grissom

on Apr 25, 2024

Selkirk Emerging Pro Brooke Bromley stands on a pickleball court near the net. She holds her Project 002 paddle and smiles at the camera.

As a child, Brooke Bromley was passionate about one thing: singing. 

“I realized early on that with music, I have the ability to really connect with a song I’m singing,” she says. “I also get the chance to help others to be moved and connect with the song. 

Bromley always enjoyed singing at home and other small local events — particularly songs by Adele — but it wasn’t until she saw a concert by the One Voice Children’s Choir and auditioned to be a member that she realized she had potential as a performer. 

As a member of the choir, Bromley got to travel to Normandy, France, to perform as part of the D-Day commemoration ceremonies in 2017 and perform on America’s Got Talent. 

While a member of the choir, Bromley had several opportunities to perform solos, including in a cover of “Only Hope” that the choir performed with The Piano Guys and went viral.

“I was able to build a lot of courage because it is so scary getting up in front of thousands of people and singing a solo,” she says. “But to this day, the stage is a place where I still feel comfortable and a place where I’m really able to shine.”

Now, as an adult, Bromley continues to pursue music with her band, comprised entirely of family members. Bromley and her younger brother write original songs for the band to perform and the group is currently playing local festivals and events.  

And though Bromley spends a lot of free time with her band, another passion has recently taken hold. 

“Music has always been my passion and in the driver’s seat in terms of my hobbies and interests, but when I discovered pickleball, it quickly took over,” she says. 

Bromley was first introduced to pickleball in 2020 while on a date. As it was just the two of them, they played singles, and she wasn’t an immediate fan. However, when she was introduced to doubles, she was hooked. 

“I just thought, ‘I want to get good at this.’ And I started playing all the time” she recalls. “So I would play every single day for at least three hours. I just wanted to go as far as I could.” 

Now, a member of Selkirk’s Emerging Pro team, Bromley regularly plays on the PPA Tour at the 5.0+ level. 

Currently, Bromley is focused on building her DUPR rating to boost her credibility as a high-level player. She most frequently plays at Club Pickleball USA in Orem, Utah, because of its network of skilled players. 

“I feel pretty lucky to live where I do because Utah is so big on pickleball,” Bromley says. “There are so many good players that you can have really high-level games whenever you want.” 

At 5’11”, Bromley loves to use her height to her advantage by taking balls out of the air, especially as more players are introducing lobs into their game. Her favorite shot, however, is her inside-out.  

As a player who prefers an aggressive game, Bromley’s favorite event is women’s doubles because she can take on a more dominant role. 

“I feel really confident when I can speed up freely. I trust my hands, and I do still like mixed doubles, but I’m still working on reeling it in and letting the guy take the lead on creating more offense,” she says.

Selkirk Emerging Pro Brooke Bromley hits a two-handed backhand volley with her Project 002 paddle. She wears a white Selkirk visor, a black tank top and a white Nike skirt.

Aside from pickleball and music, Bromley, 25, is passionate about her family. Bromley got married in 2023 and became a stepmother to her 9-year-old son Cyrus. Now, she and her husband Ben have enjoyed bonding on the pickleball court as a family. 

“We’ve been teaching our son how to play pickleball over the last year, and it has been really special to bond with him over one of my favorite things,” she says. “It hasn’t always been easy to navigate being a new parent, but having things we love to do together has helped so much.” 

Although she’s had to give up practicing three hours a day, Bromley says it’s been rewarding teaching her new son the game. For her, pickleball is no longer just a chance to be competitive, it’s a chance to connect with her family.

“My husband and son will now come to support me during leagues and tournaments. Whenever I have a match, they’re my No. 1 cheerleaders,” she says. “They are both so endeared to the game now and we all love it because it’s something we can do together as a family.” 

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