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A winning match: Selkirk Sport and Pickleball Central

By Brynn Grissom

on Sep 13, 2023

In the fast-growing world of pickleball, where passion meets precision, a well-matched partnership can be the key to success. That’s why we at Selkirk Sport have partnered with another giant in the pickleball industry — Pickleball Central

As a renowned manufacturer of high-quality pickleball paddles, Selkirk Sport joined forces with Pickleball Central, the world's largest online store for pickleball equipment, to deliver top-notch products and unparalleled customer experience. 

Two industry giants

Selkirk Sport has been a household name in the pickleball community for years, known for our commitment to innovation, quality, and performance. Founded in 2014 by brothers Rob and Mike Barnes, Selkirk has quickly risen to prominence as a leading manufacturer of pickleball paddles

Pickleball Central is the ultimate destination for pickleball enthusiasts. Established in 2002, this family-owned business has grown to become the world's largest online store for pickleball equipment. Pickleball Central offers a vast array of pickleball paddles, balls, apparel, and accessories, making it a go-to source for everything a pickleball player might need. 

With a reputation for exceptional customer service and a commitment to promoting the sport, Pickleball Central has played a significant role in the pickleball community's growth and development.

An off-court partnership to foster on-court success

The partnership between Selkirk Sport and Pickleball Central is a powerful synergy of expertise and resources. Selkirk's innovative paddle designs and commitment to pushing the boundaries of pickleball technology perfectly complement Pickleball Central's mission to provide players with the best equipment available. Together, we aim to elevate the pickleball experience for players of all levels.

Key benefits of the partnership include: 

  • Enhanced product availability: With Selkirk Sport's top-notch paddles available through Pickleball Central, players have greater access to a wider selection of high-quality equipment, making it easier to find the perfect paddle to match their playing style.
  • Expert advice: Pickleball Central's knowledgeable staff can provide valuable guidance to players looking for the right paddle for their gameplay, ensuring that customers make informed choices.
  • Exclusive deals and promotions: The partnership promises to bring exclusive promotions and deals, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy Selkirk's innovative products at competitive prices.
  • Promotion of the sport: Both companies share a passion for promoting and growing the sport of pickleball. Together, we can further spread the joy of pickleball and encourage more people to pick up a paddle.

As the partnership between Selkirk Sport and Pickleball Central continues to evolve, pickleball enthusiasts can look forward to exciting developments. Whether you're a seasoned player or just getting started, this partnership promises to make it easier than ever to find the right equipment and accessories to enhance your pickleball experience.

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