• PPA Cincinnati Sunday Recap

    PPA Cincinnati Sunday Recap
    A lot was on the line for Ben Johns on Sunday as he was not only going for another triple crown but he was also looking to secure his 100th PPA gold medal which is quite the milestone given that the tour has only been around since 2019. Standing in his way though were some of the top competitors in the game. Let’s take a...
  • PPA Cincinnati Saturday Recap

    PPA Cincinnati Saturday Recap
    Gender doubles delivered in a big way in Cincinnati today. It is very exciting watching the pro game grow and evolve as new players get more high-level reps and become more competitive with the game’s best. Today was full of highlight matches on both center court and grandstand. Without further ado let’s break it all down. Men’s Doubles Championship: (1) Ben Johns/Collin Johns vs...
  • PPA Cincinnati Friday Recap

    PPA Cincinnati Friday Recap
    Mixed Doubles has become one of the most competitive events in pro pickleball given the current depth in both the men’s and women’s game so it was no surprise we saw very close matches all day long. The margins at this level are slimmer than they have ever been which makes watching each and every round extremely enjoyable. Let’s dive into the action-packed day...
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