AMPED S2 Lightweight

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AMPED Epic Lightweight | X5 Core and FiberFlex Face for Power + Control and a larger sweetspot.

AMPED S2 Lightweight

With a slightly shorter handle, the AMPED™ S2 boasts the largest sweet spot and surface area of all our paddles, making it the Ultimate Pickleball player’s paddle! With our Polypropylene X5 Core™ Technology and our FiberFlex™ fiberglass surface, experience the best technology we’ve ever developed and bring power and consistent control to your game! The lightweight version of the S2 averages 7.4-7.8oz allowing for quick reactions at the net.



Skill Level: Beginner to Pro
Average Weight: 7.4.oz - 7.8oz
Height: 15.75"
Width: 8.0"
Grip Length: 4.5"
Grip Circumference: 4.25"


Core: X5TM Polypropylene Polymer Core
Face: FiberFlexTM Unidirectional Face
Design: Unibody design for durability and performance
Edge: EdgeSentryTM
Grip: Selkirk ComfortGripTM

The S2 Shape

S2 Benefits:

  • Sweetspot size: 10
  • Largest surface area
  • Medium handle (4.5")
  • Price: $150

S2 Player profiles

  • "I want a paddle with the largest face and a slightly shorter handle."

  • "I'm a Pickleball Player. Get me the
    paddle that gives me the most consistency."

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The AMPED Series

Larger Sweetspot
For increased consistency

Improved Sound
Solid sounding and quieter

Torque Suppression
Reduces twisting on off-center hits

Impart More Spin
Cushions the ball for spin

Vibration Dampening
Reduces vibration for a solid feel

Well Balanced
Feels lighter than it is

From the Pros

Tony Tollenaar

"Selkirk got it right again with the new AMPED S2 design. This unique paddle shape optimizes the playing surface with an even larger than before sweet spot allowing for improved accuracy and control. If you are looking for a paddle that will improve your execution on all shots, the AMPED S2 is for you."

Dee Davison

"I’ve played with the Onix Indoor, Onix Pure 2 & Dura Fast 40. I believe this paddle neutralizes the Ball Controversy for players! The paddle is solid anywhere I hit the ball, no matter what ball I use. It feels the same onto and off the paddle. Therefore, I can forget about the extreme property differences of the balls (too soft, too bouncy, too hard) and just concentrate on perfecting my stroke pattern and approach to the ball!

Cammy MacGregor

"I love the fiberglass face because of the soft feel I get with it on my dinks. It has good control, but also has good pop on it when I need to hit the drive shot or hard volley."

Miok Lee

"I love my new AMPED S2!—I was able to adjust my play immediately! It gave me more control over my soft game but still had the power for my put away shot."

SelkirkPros First Reactions to AMPED

The AMPED Story

Selkirk AMPED Power + Control Ad

Weight Guide Overview

Lightweight ~ Quicker Hand Speed

A Lightweight paddle gives you quicker hands increasing your control and speed at the net.

Midweight ~ More Power

A midweight paddle generates more power making it perfect for hard drives and blocking shots.

Singles vs Doubles Paddles

Doubles is most often played at the net which means a lightweight paddles’ quickness will give you an advantage. Whereas using a midnight paddle for singles is advantageous because of its extra power.

Choosing by Comfort

In the end, choose the weight that feels best to you. If you don't know which weight is most comfortable, go with the lightweight version. Unless you are a Tennis player with a power game, the lightweight version is preferred by most players.

Why do paddles have a weight range?

The very slightest elements can affect the weight, a little more adhesive used on this paddle, a little less grip length on this one. It’s nearly impossible to make paddles to a very specific weight every time. And 0.1oz is really not much of a change as described below.

How much is 0.1oz?

A penny weighs about 0.1oz. And a 0.1oz weight difference in a paddle does not affect the performance or feel of a paddle, even for top Pickleball athletes.

How much does a difference in weight matter?

Some people tend to think they need a very specific weight or the paddle won't play right. This simply is not true. Even top Pros are not very picky about their paddle weight because they know slight weight differences do not affect the performance of a paddle.

Guaranteed Weight Range

Even though slight differences in weight do not affect most players game, we do recommend that advanced and pro players take advantage of our guaranteed weight range option. You can select a guaranteed weight range to receive a paddle within a 0.2oz difference (e.g. 7.4-7.6oz).

Paddle Grip Types

Thin Grip

- 4" Circumference
- Preferred by those with small hands
 - Slightly less cushion than comfort grip
- Reduces average weight range by 0.2oz

COMFORT GRIP (Most Popular)

- 4.25" Circumference
- Standard grip
- Preferred by most people


- 4.25" Circumference
- Has ridges to feel where it is in your hand
- Recommended for beginners


- 4.5" Circumference
- Preferred by those with very large hands
- Increases average weight range by 0.4oz

Compare AMPED S2 Lightweight

Compare Weight Versions

Midweight (8.0 - 8.4oz) ~ More Power
Lightweight (7.4 - 7.8oz) ~ Faster Reaction Time

If you are looking for a little bit heavier paddle, take a look at our AMPED S2 Midweight. A midweight paddle has more power compared to a lightweight paddle, whereas a lightweight paddle allows you to have quicker hands at the net.

To learn more about how to choose between a lightweight and midweight paddle, check out our detailed weight guide

Compare Series

AMPED S2 ~ $150
PRIME S2 ~ $100

The PRIME series utilizes the same FiberFlex technology as the AMPED series giving the PRIME S2 both power and control. If you are looking for a more affordable option compared to the AMPED, check out the PRIME series.

Compare Shapes

S2 Lightweight

S2 Benefits:

  • Sweetspot size: 10
  • Largest surface area
  • Medium handle (4.5")
  • Price: $150

S2 Player profiles

  • "I want a paddle with the largest face and a slightly shorter handle."

  • "I'm a Pickleball Player. Get me the
    paddle that gives me the most consistency."

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Epic Benefits:

  • Sweetspot size: 9
  • Most versatile shape
  • Long handle (5.25")
  • Price: $130

Epic Player profiles:

Omni Benefits:

  • Sweetspot size: 8
  • Long Reach
  • Short Handle (4.25")
  • Price: $150

Omni Player profiles

  • "I need more reach

  • I like to put my finger on the paddle when gripping it"

  • "I'm a Table Tennis/Ping Pong Player"

Click here to learn more about the Omni Shape

Maxima Benefits:

  • Sweetspot size: 7.5
  • Longest Reach
  • Long handle (5.25")
  • Price: $150

Maxima Player profiles

  • "I love to play singles."

  • "I'm a Tennis Player that likes to hit
    hard from the baseline.

Click here to learn more about the Maxima Shape

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