2020 AMPED Maxima

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With bold graphics and crisp new colors, the new 2020 AMPED has taken the AMPED paddle that you know and love and has brought it to its new style and design.
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
2020 AMPED Maxima (2247255851062)
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Love it

Been playing with it for a month and love it....demoed the pro kennex oval and found I did not like the grip....moved over from the Engage Poach advantage extreme.....this has move pop than that old paddle.....great control.......

Great paddle

The paddle is great - other than something rattles in the head :)

LOVE it!

This is my 4th paddle, second 17" one. I also have the Omni, and Poach Advantage Extreme. Can't beat the feel at the net with the AMPED paddles. I've noticed ZERO difference because of the width, and an immediate HUGE difference from the length. It's the only paddle for me, though I'm sure I'll keep testing others. Really don't understand why anyone would use a shorter paddle, but that's just me.

Chad H.
Quick movement - great balance

I play at a strong 3.5 level and I've played many games with this paddle. I LOVE how this paddle drives the ball - the sweet spot is larger than you'd think considering the paddle face size. If I could give this a 1-10 review, I'd say it's a 9/10 for what it is - a great lightweight smaller faced blade that plays like a full-sized paddle. I'll say that out of the the AMPED lightweight series, this one has less forgiveness at the net and you'll probably get a lot more benefit from it if you're a more advanced player (3.5+ to-4.5). It feels great in the hand, has awesome balance - for sure the best balance of all their blades, and you get a great advantage with volley duels. The standard handle size is perfect and I'd say I have larger hands / palms. If you're looking for a solid paddle and you're an advanced player trying to get an edge at the net - this is a great paddle for you.

The AMPED Maxima Paddle was co-designed with Morgan Evans. It's the power player’s paddle! Engineered with a longer handle and paddle face, the Maxima’s long reach makes it perfect for driving the ball. We utilized our FiberFlex Fiberglass face and Polypropylene X5 Core Technology to increase power, stability, and control while at the same time increasing the sweet spot and ability to impart spin. The midweight version of the Maxima averages 7.8 - 8.3oz giving you extra power for hard drives from the baseline.

Please note that Limited Release and Limited Edition colors may take up to an additional 5 days to process and ship.

What's New

Brighter, Bolder Graphics

With an updated printing process, our graphics are brighter and more dynamic than ever before. You will notice the difference!

Improved Performance Stability

We revamped our edgeguard adhesion process to make the 2020 AMPED even more durable which further improves performance and stability.

Details + Specs

Skill Level:Intermediate to Pro

Average Lightweight: 7.2oz - 7.6oz

Average Midweight: 7.6oz - 8.3oz

Height: 17.0"

Width: 7.0"

Grip Length: 5.25"

Grip Circumference: 4.25"

Sweetspot size: 7.5

Price: $150

Surface Area: Longest Reach

Handle Length: Long Handle (5.25")



Low-profile, lightweight and durable edge guard technology for a well-balanced, solid paddle


Fiberglass technology creates an excellent surface that produces spin, while enhancing control

X5™ Core

Durable polypropylene honeycomb technology provides increased power

Comfort Grip™

Cushioning material for a comfortable, confident hold.

Maxima player profiles

"I want a paddle with the largest face and a slightly shorter handle"

"I'm a Pickleball Player. Get me the paddle with the most consistency"