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High-Performance Pickleball Paddles

Selkirk Sport Owners

Selkirk Sport is the leading manufacturer of high-performance Pickleball paddles. We believe in never compromising our paddle’s workmanship, materials, and performance.




Selkirk Sport first launched in 2013 when brothers Rob and Mike Barnes, along with their dad Jim Barnes and father-in-law Russell Heistuman, put their diverse skill sets together to craft high-performance paddles. Our paddles are made here in the great American Pacific Northwest. We are a family owned company dedicated to innovation and quality.



Selkirk Sport takes pride that our paddles are made right. With our industry-leading designs and high-grade materials, we stand behind the craftsmanship and performance of our paddles. We are always on the cutting edge of developing the latest paddle technology. We design our paddles with our professional, recreational, and competitive players in mind.

Selkirk Warehouse



There is no compromise in Selkirk’s process of building paddles. The paddles are built using only the most durable, premier materials. Our quality control methods ensure our customers receive high-performance paddles every time. This is why we were the first Pickleball paddle manufacturer to stand behind our high-performance paddles with our Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.




We offer a diverse array of high-performance Pickleball paddles. Our newest line is the AMPED paddles! With our new patent-pending technology, we have created a paddle with unbelievable control, without compromising the amount of power. This line of paddles is available in each of our model shapes.

There are three signature designs that have been designed with our professional players in mind. Our latest Signature Design paddle, co-designed with Morgan Evans, is the Maxima shape and is available in our AMPED line as the Maxima Morgan Evan’s Signature Sapphire Blue. The Omni 31P co-designed with Glen Peterson is an elongated-style paddle like the Maxima but features a shorter handle and wider face; it also is available in the AMPED line as the Omni Glen Peterson Signature Aqua Green. We also offer the Enrique Ruiz Signature Orange Epic AMPED paddle, which caters to Enrique’s style of play.

And of course, we still sell our lightweight paddles, the 30P Epic Graphite and 20P Epic Composite Pickleball Paddles, for players looking for ultimate control.

We also provide beginners a variety of paddle choices. We offer an affordable, lightweight paddle, the Club, a heavier model, the NEO, and a widebody lightweight model, the Latitude.  



If after purchasing your paddle at, you are not 100% satisfied with it, just let us know and take advantage of our 30-day hassle free return policy. We will either exchange your paddle for one that better fits your needs or issue you a credit.



And if that wasn't enough, we also offer Free Shipping* on orders over $50.00 in the USA!

*Free shipping is for retail orders only.