The PRIME series is the tried and true high-performance Pickleball paddle by Selkirk. It has the quality Selkirk is known for with many of the advancements and advantages of Selkirk’s premiere AMPED series. The PRIME series was developed to remain true to Selkirk’s high standards of performance and durability. It is the balance of power and control that players are looking for in a paddle. With our proven FiberFlex Face technology and X4 Core, the PRIME paddles will maintain a large sweetspot along with other performance benefits. We substantiate our claim to building durable premium paddles with our lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects.

Choose Your Shape

Epic Benefits:

  • Sweetspot size: 9
  • Most versatile shape
  • Long handle (5.25")
  • Price: $80

Epic Player Profiles:

  • "Help! I don't know which shape to choose"
  • "I'm a Tennis Player who wants to master the soft game"

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S2 Benefits:

  • Sweetspot size: 10
  • Largest surface area
  • Medium handle (4.5")
  • Price: $100

S2 Player Profiles

  • "I want a paddle with the largest face and a slightly shorter handle"
  • "I'm a Pickleball Player. Get me the paddle that gives me the most consistency"

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Innovative Technology

X4TM Core

A high-performance, durable polypropylene core that is tried and true.

FiberFlexTM Face

A redesigned face engineered to amplify power and control.

Unibody Design

The PRIME unibody design fuses the X4 Core and Fiberflex face together for premium performance and lastng durability.


Power + Control

"The two most desired qualities in a paddle! The PRIME Series doesn’t disappoint with its ability to generate power without compromising its control.” 

Impart Spin

"The PRIME Series can play with the best of them! Spin is a requirement at the higher echelons of professional Pickleball, and the PRIME Series delivers."

Large Sweet Spot

With our FiberFlex Face technology, the sweet spot on the PRIME models is larger than the traditional graphite or composite paddle.


"The PRIME Series carries on Selkirk’s signature “it feels lighter than it is” reputation, by utilizing our unique weight distribution EdgeSentry edgeguard technology.”