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Interested in becoming a Selkirk Pickleball Pro?

Selkirk Junior players meet one of the following criteria: age 10 or less and be an officially USAPA rated 3.5 player or higher, age 11 through 14 and be an officially USAPA rated 4.0 player or higher, or age 15 through 19 and be an officially USAPA rated 4.5 player or higher.

Fill out our application to become a Selkirk Advocate. After 6 months, you will be eligible to be approved to join the AMPED Team, Junior Team, or Senior Pros Team.

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All Selkirk Junior Players

Aidan Schenk

Andrew Hawkins

Austin Bachman

Ava Kalist

Brendan Phung

Chandler Carnett

Connor Chaffin

Daniel Monson

Darcy Shore

Dominic Osborne

Emma Li

Emmett Cournoyer

Evan Pinard

Garrett Little

Gavin Getchius

Grace Kosednar

Heath Shirts

Hudson Gilbert

Jaden Lam

Jeremiah Norris

Kale Klein

Kody Lam

Kove Kandell

Mason Peters

Matthew Riegert

McKale Peters

Nellie Cournoyer

Pyke Jones

Raphael Chiu

Tanner Corbitt

Tate Klein

Vincent Russo

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