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The Selkirk Sport NEO is our ultimate starter paddle. It is made of the same polymer honeycomb core as our premium paddles, but its composite face utilizes a new technology that allows us to drop the price dramatically. We can, therefore, offer a quality paddle at an affordable price. Plus, with the stunning NEO graphics, you will be proud to carry your NEO paddle onto the courts. The NEO also comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

The NEO Story

Selkirk Sport has been known for developing premium paddles using innovative technology since its conception in the Pickleball industry. Our innovative technology has focused on producing durable paddles capable of the highest level of performance. However, Selkirk Sport saw an immense gap in the market between the starter wooden paddles and the premium honeycomb paddles available. Those just starting out did not want to invest in a premium paddle, but they were not able to enjoy Pickleball to its full potential with the limitations of a wooden paddle. Selkirk Sport has now changed that by developing the NEO Polymer Composite Paddle. The NEO boasts the same polymer honeycomb core as Selkirk’s premium paddle, but it comes at an affordable price due to the utilization of an innovative composite face technology. The NEO paddle is sure to be a huge hit with anyone starting out in Pickleball or looking for a backup paddle for friends and family.

The NEO Player

If you have recently been introduced to Pickleball and are not sure which paddle to start with, you may have faced the paddle conundrum. There are dozens of paddles to choose from, ranging from poor performance wooden paddles to the high performing premium paddles with not many quality choices in-between for the new player. You know Pickleball will not be as fun playing with a wooden paddle, but you don’t want to invest in a premium paddle before you discover which one will work best for you. You are looking for a honeycomb paddle that plays similar to the premium options on the market but is still affordable. If this sounds like you, the NEO is your first choice for your new Pickleball adventure!

The NEO Specs

  • PowerCore: Powerful, durable, and consistent polymer core
  • Composite Surface: Innovative composite surface
  • EdgeSentry Extra Protection: Innovative EdgeSentry edgeguard with extra protection
  • Vinyl Graphics: Lightweight vinyl graphics for stunning looks and great protection
  • Selkirk ThinGrip: Sleek and lightweight Selkirk ThinGrip
  • USAPA Approved: The NEO is approved by the USAPA for tournament play
  • 1-Year Warranty: The NEO comes with a limited 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Learn more below
  • Made in the USA: All our paddles are made right in our Hayden, Idaho facility
  • Weight: 7.7oz - 7.9oz
  • Shape: X
    • Paddle Width: 7.875”
    • Paddle Height: 15.675”
    • Handle/Grip Circumference: 4.0”
  • The NEO Commentary

    The NEO combines innovative technology and advanced manufacturing processes to produce a quality polymer honeycomb paddle at an affordable price. It is the Ultimate Starter Paddle and perfect for beginners and as a backup for friends and family.

    How is the NEO different from your premium paddles? The NEO utilizes the same Polymer PowerCore as our premium polymer paddles such as our 30P Epic Graphite ($95). However, the composite face of the NEO is an innovative new technology that lowers the cost of manufacturing. So the paddle plays similar to our premium paddles but at an affordable price. The NEO also comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects instead of the limited lifetime warranty of our premium paddles.

    How does the NEO play? To be honest, it plays great! Now, it is not going to play as great as our premium paddles. However, beginners only need a paddle that plays well so that they can get a feel for their style of play. Once they learn whether they need a finesse paddle or power paddle, a light paddle or heavy paddle, they can upgrade to a premium Selkirk paddle that fits their needs and style of play perfectly.

    Do I really get the paddle in the picture? Yes, you do. Why does an affordable paddle have to look like a child designed it? We don’t want you to be embarrassed when you walk onto the courts so we were sure to add stunning graphics to the NEO.

    You must have made this paddle in China, right? Nope. This paddle was manufactured solely in the United States, right in our Hayden, Idaho facility. You are right to be suspicious of cheap paddles made in China. Chinese paddles have an infamous record of poor playability and poor durability. But Selkirk wanted to transform the affordable paddle market. We believe we will do that with the NEO, an affordable, durable, USAPA approved, and proudly made in the United states of America polymer honeycomb paddle.

    Why buy a Selkirk paddle?

    Why should I buy a Selkirk Sport Pickleball paddle? Below are five reasons.

    1. Limited Lifetime Warranty: Selkirk Sport was the first manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. We can offer this industry-disruptive warranty because all of our paddles are made in the USA with the superior materials and manufacturing processes. Learn more about our Limited Lifetime Warranty by clicking here. Note: this warranty is included with all of our premium paddles; our NEO paddle comes with a limited 1-year warranty.
    2. Made in the USA: Every Selkirk paddle is proudly manufactured in the United States of America. Our processing facility is in Hayden, ID, which is very close to the Coeur D’Alene Lake. Manufacturing our paddles in the United States with primarily USA materials ensures we can maintain premium quality. However, Selkirk Sport is committed to not only maintaining the quality of our products but also to continually improving our paddles with the latest innovative technologies.
    3. Superior Manufacturing Materials & Processes: our strict quality control standards, top-notch manufacturing processes, and innovative technology gives us an edge in the Pickleball industry. An example of our innovative technology is the EdgeSentryTM edgeguard technology. The EdgeSentryTM edgeguard is low-profile and lightweight, and yet it is extremely durable. The durability ensures you will be playing with your paddle for a long time and its reduced weight balances the paddle so that it is not head heavy. You will notice a paddle with EdgeSentryTM Technology as soon as you pick it up.
    4. Family Owned: Selkirk Sport is a family owned and operated company which started in May of 2014. We are committed to excellence in our products, customer service, employees, and sponsored players. Our mission is to give back to the Pickleball community and help grow this amazing sport!
    5. The Perfect Paddle For You: Selkirk Sport offers a wide range of paddles that cater to different levels, styles of play, and individual preferences. Browse our selection of Pickleball paddles or contact a representative so that you can find the perfect Selkirk paddle for you.
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