Selkirk Player Incentive Prize Pool

  • $600,000 ~ Total Selkirk prize pool amount
  • $116,000 ~ The most an individual can win in Selkirk's prize pool

As part of Selkirk’s non-traditional approach to marketing, the Selkirk Player Incentive Prize Pool program was created to incentivize athletes to compete with our innovative line-up of performance paddles. With $400,000 in Selkirk prize money on the line, an athlete can take home an unprecedented $25,000 with the Triple CrownBonus by sweeping all Open Divisions (Open Men’s/Women’s Singles; Open Men’s/Women’s Doubles; Mixed Open Division), armed with a Selkirk paddle. Players must qualify to be in the Selkirk Incentive Pool program to be eligible for prize money.

How to Qualify

  1. Be in a Selkirk Sport sponsorship agreement
  2. Use a Selkirk Sport branded paddle during the entire event
  3. Wear Selkirk approved apparel during the event's medal matches

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