Selkirk Teaching Advocate Program

Who are the Selkirk Teaching Advocates?

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America and we want to do everything we can to further that growth. That’s where our Selkirk Teaching Advocates come in! Our Selkirk Advocates are an enthusiastic team of individuals who are active in their community, and who are certified pickleball teachers and have an active teaching schedule.

They embody Selkirk’s high moral values, love our brand, and are passionate about sharing pickleball in a warm and welcoming way. Our Selkirk Advocates dedicate their time and energy to promoting and teaching pickleball in their local area and beyond, so people of all ages can enjoy pickleball!



The 5 Pillars of the Selkirk Teaching Advocate Program


We love athletes who are enthusiastic about growing and teaching pickleball.


Are you active and involved in your community teaching and growing pickleball? We would love to connect!

Good Sport

Good sportsmanship and a positive attitude are a must!


Advocates are passionate about the Selkirk brand, and love our products.


Selkirk Advocates embody the Selkirk brand and uphold our family values, treating others in the ways we would want to be treated.


  • Joining Team Selkirk Advocate Team and enjoying exclusive incentives
  • 40% discounts on accessories
  • 40% on one paddle every year
  • Access to new products
  • Access to exclusive Team Selkirk Facebook page
  • Ability to apply to the AMPED and PRO team
  • Teachers: Being a Selkirk Teaching Advocate and working with a pickleball industry leader will strengthen your personal brand


Does this sound like a good fit? Please complete the application below!

Due to the unanticipated high-number of applications, your application will be reviewed in 2-3 months. Although we wish we could accept everyone, only a fraction of applications are approved. Thank you for your patience!