Demo Selkirk Sport Paddles

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Want to confirm the fact that you will love our paddles? Checkout our demo program! Receive up to four demo paddles for one week to try out. You only have to pay the shipping cost.
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Demo Selkirk Sport Paddles
Demo Selkirk Sport Paddles

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    We are confident that once you get a Selkirk paddle in your hands, you will love it. So we are now offering a demo program to give you that chance. Try up to four of our paddles for one week to see which one you like best, so that you can try before you buy. The only cost to you is the shipping to you and back. See frequently asked questions below and get your demo paddles today!

    How much does it cost?
    You will pay the shipping cost to you and back. The shipping cost depends on your location and how many paddles you demo. On average it costs anywhere from $10 to $25.
    Note: the maximum number of paddles you can demo at a time is four.
    Note: there is a charge if you return your paddles late, see What about late returns? below.
    Note: the shipping cost of a cart with a demo paddle in it is double to account for shipping back to us. But this also means you may want to consider placing a separate order for any extra items you want to buy so that you are not charged extra shipping for them.

    How long does it take to receive my demo paddles & how long can I use them?
    If you demo just one paddle, we can ship it using USPS First Class Mail which usually takes 2-6 days to arrive. If you demo 2-4 paddles, we use USPS priority mail which usually takes 1-4 days to arrive. You must return the paddles one week after you receive them. For example, if you receive your demo on Wednesday, you must return them to the post office the following Wednesday.

    How do I return my demos?
    The package your demo comes in will have in it a pre-paid United States Postal Service return label. Place that return label over the original label on the package. Then either drop the box off at any United States Postal Service location or hand it to a USPS driver. View a list of United States Postal Service Locations to drop the package off at.
    Note: please be sure to use ONLY the provided pre-paid United States Postal Service return label from us. If you use your own label, USPS will charge you an additional fee; and we may charge you a late fee if we can't see when you returned the paddle. If for some reason you do use a different shipping method, please provide us with the tracking number.

    Can I choose the color I want?
    We have a limited number of demo paddles and so can not guarantee a specific color. However, you can leave a comment in the Notes section about what color you would like, and we will send it if it is available.

    What if I return the demos late?
    Since we have a limited number of demo paddles and others may be waiting on one, we ask that you return the demos promptly. If you are late, there is a late fee of $2.00 per day, per demo paddle. If you are 7 days or more late, we will try to reach out to you to confirm the shipment of the paddles back to us. If we are unable to reach you or confirm the shipment of the demo paddles back to us, we will charge your card for the retail price of each paddle.
    Note: if the paddle you are demoing is not yet released, we will charge your card $300 if the paddle is not returned because we have a very limited number of unreleased paddles and do not want anyone retaining them.

    How do I order my demo paddles today?
    Scroll to the top of this page where you can select the paddles. Select which paddle you want in the 1ST PADDLE section. You then have the option to choose up to 3 more paddles to demo. Once you have the selected the paddles you want to demo, hit the Add to Cart button. Now you just need to Checkout as normal.

    More Questions?
    If you have any questions, feel free to Contact us.

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