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2020 AMPED Omni (Includes Free Case)
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With bold graphics and crisp new colors, the new 2020 AMPED has taken the AMPED paddle that you know and love and has brought it to its new style and design.
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
2020 AMPED Omni (2250117742646)
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Powerful Paddle

Very good experience. I feel very confident using this paddle. The handles on several of my past paddles have eventually broken because of repeated very hard hits and serves. This paddle seems stronger at the neck of the handle where it attaches to the paddle face. My theory is because with the shorter handle I am gripping it closer to the face and not out on the end of the handle, so the force of the hit is better absorbed by the wider face versus stress on the narrow handle. I think another aspect of the shorter handle is that you end up with a larger face, which cannot be a bad thing.

Great paddle!

Bought my AMPED Omni paddle for Christmas last year. I started using it shortly after and have loved it ever since. I feel I have more softness in my game and didn't sacrifice any power in the process. Problems with my game now are my own creation.

These paddles are excellent for those that need that extra reach.

Selkirk paddles are superior with the sweet spot on the entire paddle. I love to use this paddle when I need that extra reach, and the lightweight will make you fast at the net! Thanks, Selkirk!

Developed with the help of SelkirkPro and US Open Champion Glen Peterson, the Omni paddle has an elongated shape with a short handle. The shorter handle allows the Omni to have a bigger surface area, and thus a larger sweet spot than traditional elongated paddles that are skinnier. Many players who want an elongated paddle with better control will use the Omni in doubles play. Table tennis players and people who play with their finger on the paddle also often gravitate towards the Omni because of its shorter handle that doesn’t get in the way. If you need the reach of an elongated paddle without sacrificing consistency and a nice sweet spot, the Omni shape is ideal for you.

Please note that Limited Release and Limited Edition colors may take up to an additional 5 days to process and ship.

What's New

Brighter, Bolder Graphics

With an updated printing process, our graphics are brighter and more dynamic than ever before. You will notice the difference!

Improved Performance Stability

We revamped our edgeguard adhesion process to make the 2020 AMPED even more durable which further improves performance and stability.

Details + Specs

Skill Level: Intermediate to Pro

Average Lightweight: 7.2oz - 7.6oz

Average Midweight: 7.7oz - 8.3oz

Height: 16.5"

Width: 7.375"

Grip Length: 4.25"

Grip Circumference: 4.25"

Sweetspot size: 8

Price: $150

Surface Area: Long Reach

Handle Length: Short handle (4.25")



Low-profile, lightweight and durable edge guard technology for a well-balanced, solid paddle


Fiberglass technology creates an excellent surface that produces spin, while enhancing control

X5™ Core

Durable polypropylene honeycomb technology provides increased power

Comfort Grip™

Cushioning material for a comfortable, confident hold.

Omni player profiles

"I need more reach. I like to put my finger on the paddle when gripping it"

"I'm a Table Tennis/Ping Pong Player"