Dave Fleming

Dave Fleming


In December of 2016, a friend on Dave Fleming's 5.0 tennis team invited him to play pickleball at his church gym where his wife is in charge of the rec programs. So, he showed up and laughter ensued. They served, volleyd, and charged the net. And then they started learning the rules. And the strategy. And they entered tournaments. Dave's tennis rackets have not left the bag in over 20 months—and he loves tennis. But now, he is all-in on playing pickleball.

Favorite Paddle:

Selkirk Invikta. Perfect blend of reach, touch, feel, and power.

Secret Sauce:

His two-handed backhand.

Day Job and Off the Court Interests:

Fleming runs the Dallas office of the global ad agency We Are Alexander. He was also voted the number 2 corporate comedian in the US by CBSNews.com and performs an 80-minute comedic one-man show about corporate America called Man vs. Office. Off the court you will find him spending time with his wife the Lovely Deb Fleming, his two daughters Gaby and Natalie, and his dog Sydney. Dave is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates fan, and always wears black and gold when playing pickleball.


  • 2018 – USA National Championships 5.0 50+ with David Redding -- Gold
  • 2018 – USA National Championships Senior Open Pro with David Redding -- Bronze
  • 2018 – Tournament of Champions Senior Men’s Open Pro with Randy Coleman -- Silver
  • 2018 – So Cal Classic Senior Men’s Open with Steve Dawson -- Bronze
  • 2018 – So Cal Classic 50+ with Steve Dawson -- Gold
  • 2018 – Cedar Park Championships Mixed Doubles Open with Helen Wilhelm -- Bronze
  • 2018 – US Open 35+ Men’s Doubles with Adam Stone – Gold
  • 2018 – US Open 50+ Mixed Doubles with Helen Wilhelm – Bronze