Maxima 21P MXO Composite Polymer Elongated Morgan Evans Signature Design Paddle

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  1. Best paddle I have ever used.

    By Bob A November 25, 2017

    I have been playing for about 5 years and have used Onyx and Wilson. This paddle feels like it was made specifically for me. I also am a tennis player and this paddle feels like my tennis racquet. Excellent from the front and back of the court., and I love the spin I get on both long and short shots.

  2. Absolutely Love this paddle

    By Nora July 28, 2017

    This paddle was recommended by a very helpful sales person at customer service named Michael. When I was looking to participate in the demo program to try out 4 paddles before buying one. He suggested this one in addition to the other 3 that I requested. Much to my surprise it was really great and my game got noticeably better. It also helped reduce irritation to my tennis elbow and I was able to increase my reaction time because of its slim shape and less wind drag resistance.A little more reach for those shots that are just a little far out of reach. Just so happy with it. A real upgrade. Thanks Michael. Great Paddle, Great service, Great company.

  3. Was in St George Utah when Selkirk & Morgan released it had tried all of the Long Paddles on the market then, bought one from Morgan ( didn;t even get mates rated) never played better singles & doubles excellent paddle

    By David J.Killen June 24, 2017

    Was in St George Utah when Selkirk & Morgan released it had tried all of the Long Paddles on the market then, bought one from Morgan ( didn;t even get mates rates) never played better singles & doubles excellent paddle.

  4. Extra length perfect for fomer tennis players!

    By 4merCoachRick May 01, 2017

    Started playing about 5 weeks ago and purchased a 300A XL to get my feet wet. Found out a couple of things...Pickleballs don't bounce like a tennis ball and I need the longest paddle I can find!!! :) Enter the Maxima 21P MXO ! Thanks to the extra length, I can "relax" a bit and reach some shots that were not so close with the 300A XL...BIG difference from a 27" long tennis racket that had been my staple for 35 years!!! As an ex tennis teaching pro, I have little trouble with the axis 'sweet spot' of a Pb paddle; but the transition to the shorter implement has been a real bugaboo(especially under stress of rapid-fire volleys and overheads!). I like the extra length of the Maxima so much that I have another on the way. My 300A will see limited action, I reckon; but it may become my "loaner" or even my DW's paddle if she starts playing.

    My only misgiving about the Maxima is the non-symmetrical shape to the or two bevels are "off" enough that I absolutely favor one 'side' vs the other. Having re-gripped tennis, racquetball and squash equipment since college, I have no problem working on the handle; but I wanted to wait until my 2nd Maxima arrives in case I need to take the original out of service for a while. My guess is it will be no big deal; but I may need to let adhesives cure, etc for a day or two. My 300A has a perfectly shaped will be interesting to see what's up with the Maxima handle. In any event, I'm a Selkirk believer and am looking forward to my third paddle in only my second month of play!

  5. Extra reach and spin!

    By Kurtis Campbell January 18, 2017

    Because of this paddle's shape and length, I felt like I was able to get a little more power on my overheads and some extra backspin on my slice shots. When hitting a ball, this paddle's feel reminds me of a tennis racket, and even though it has a smaller sweetspot, the extra spin and tennis feel is something that pairs really well with certain players' games!

  6. Greater reach and control.

    By Fion Chou January 16, 2017

    I am a table tennis player turned pickleball addict. Maxima is my 16th paddle in the three and half years since I started. I have been playing with this paddle for couple of months, at the beginning I had some trouble with my overhead shot since I hold my paddle like table tennis pen hold grip,it took a while to adjust to the extra long surface to get the sweet spot. love the reach and the control I have at the net. This is the paddle I use now. Love it!

  7. Great angle dinking

    By Ed December 20, 2016

    This paddle provides me with the ability to tap some nice angled dinks and it gives me the added spin on low backhands. Great look and feel. Please keep em coming Morgan and Selkirk.

  8. Great for reach, spin and sweet spot

    By Fred December 15, 2016

    Just got a Maxima to test after using an Encore blade. The Maxima has a wider center and seems a little rougher enabling more spin and control. The sweet spot seems larger and overall has great control. The best paddle I've ever used.

  9. The extra length of the paddle gives me a longer reach for side and overhead shots

    By Gen November 26, 2016

    I tried this paddle out at a tournament display 1 month ago. I liked the length and the grip. I had to order it online because the gentleman had sold out the first day of the tournament. I got it within 4 days and have loved it ever since.

  10. Creme De Creme of Pickleball Paddles

    By Mister Pickleball November 19, 2016

    I have been a player of Pickleball for over 3 years and been buying Selkirk Paddles in that time but this paddle is the Creme de creme of paddles. I am able to really play in a way I have never played before. The spin I have on the ball is truly amazing for a narrow paddle. I am able to place the ball any where I choose to and win pretty much every match I play. Thank you Selkirk Sport!!!

  11. Awesome feel and control

    By Tony November 03, 2016

    The Maxima is solidly constructed. It is a thick paddle with good power, a well-balanced sweet spot and awesome feel. Its easy swing and extra reach allows for quick volleys and put aways. The paddle face provides good grip and control. The "missing" corners and shorter sides of the paddle do not affect stroke generation as you almost always hit the ball in the middle anyways (just check the wear pattern on your current paddle).

    My other paddle is an Epic 20XL and both paddles are excellent. If you want a paddle that has a more standard shape, then the Epic paddles are a great line. If, however, you want something with a fast swing and awesome feel, then the Maxima may be the right paddle. Tony 4.5 Tampa, Florida.

  12. Power, Reach & Great Design

    By Mitch F November 03, 2016

    Have been trying out the longer paddles on the market.
    Selkirk hit the nail on the head with the 21P MXO.
    The power to weight ratio gives you power & quickness.
    Right out of the gate you feel the power & easy of handling. The narrow design for some reason helps with the wrist roll to generate spin and the length not only lets reach some hard to get shot but it also allows you to change the direction of your dinks with a slight wrist flick.
    Thanks, Selkirk

  13. Thunder From Down Under

    By David Lecours November 01, 2016

    First some context: I’m a 5.0 Male usually playing with the Selkirk Omni 31P XO Glen Peterson model. So, I’m already a convert to elongated paddles. The new 21P MXO has the maximum length of 17” which is great for stretching for shots previously out of reach. But the real benefit the Maxima is the force created through leverage. A longer lever creates more whip and head speed upon contact. With it’s narrow width of 7”, players also benefit from increased swing power from less wind resistance (imagine a narrow blade slicing through the air). I really like the texture of the paddle face. When playing with a dura ball, you can really feel the benefits of increased control with this textured face. Coming from tennis, I use two-handed backhand when playing singles. So, I appreciate the longer handle. In general, this is a great paddle for an advanced player. I was hoping this paddle would give me an advantage over Morgan Evans, but unfortunately for me, he uses it as well!. –David Lecours

  14. Great paddle, lots of bang for your buck.

    By Doug October 29, 2016

    I am a 5.0 player and have really enjoyed playing with the 30 pxl enrique ruiz paddle. But after trying the maxima paddle I am changing to the maxima for the added power without forfeiting any control for my sIngles play. I realy enjoy the added power and pop I get from my serves and overheads. A great natural feel in your hand once you pick this paddle up you might have trouble putting it down.

  15. Selkirk does it again!

    By CDorman October 23, 2016

    Have played a few times with my new Maxima 21P MXO and I am in LOVE!
    I am a 5'1 woman who plays against big/tall men all the time. The shape of this paddle has given me the little extra reach I have always needed. I don't miss the width difference of a "standard" shaped paddle at all. Having a regular length grip gives me the ability to sneak in a two handed back hand. The core on this paddle gives me that extra pop on my forehand and overhead shots, plus the soft game feels amazing. Major kudos to Selkirk for being a leader in innovation!

  16. I love my new paddle

    By Tgregg October 21, 2016

    Got my Maxina composite yesterday via FedEx. Hit the court this morning and I love it. I may be the only one who hits a lot of shots off the paddle right above my grip with many hitting my hand. But where my other paddle was a lost shot there the Maxima is a good surface and the ball sails back over the net. I'm 6 - 1 so I tend to stretch for shots and again this paddle gives me the extra reach I like. I am a touch player and usually it takes me a few games to kind of zero in on how to hit the ball but the Maxima just gave great feel from the first shot. FYI we are using Onix Pure 2 balls. As I showed others the paddle they asked what about the shots out here on the outside edges, I didn't notice any problems with miss hits. I'm a recreational 3.5 player, 72 years old.

  17. Five Stars!

    By 19 Turkeys October 21, 2016

    My new Morgan Evans Maxima arrived yesterday in time for a night of pickleball. Two things were noticeable when I opened the box. The surface is semi-opaque allowing you a bit of a look at the honeycomb inner workings and it is substantially narrower than my Glen Peterson Omni. In fact, I was concerned that it was too narrow. But, all doubt was put to rest when I played with it. The longer reach allowed me to make several returns that would have been impossible with the Omni. This paddle is awesome!

    I am a pickleball addict and have owned every Selkirk paddle introduced except the Neo & Mini. Each new generation of Selkirk paddle exceeds my expectations. They just keep getting better & better.

  18. Morgan's Signature Paddle is "BY FAR" the best paddle on the market.

    By General Rob October 12, 2016

    I've been playing for over 2 years and have played with everything from Paddletek to Onyx and Morgan's Signature Series beats all the competition on the market. The sweet spot is very forgiving and it's got a beautiful POP.
    I've already given several as gifts to close Pickleball friends of mine. I would not recommend any other paddle on the market over this Series.

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