300A+ XL Plus Aluminum Graphite Pickleball Paddle 8.1oz Midweight Series

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  1. Ordered a Second 300 A XL PLUS

    By Joe Williams October 05, 2017

    Love my first A XL PLUS and ordered a new one, with updated graphics and a different color. One always needs a back-up paddle. Great dink control and great slam power. Selkirk service the best as I sent back a paddle I ordered preferring the feel of the A XL PLUS.

  2. My favorite paddle of all time!

    By Kurtis Campbell January 18, 2017

    I have tried more paddles than I can even count, and I can firmly say that the 300A+ is my favorite of them all. The aluminum core that Selkirk uses in their paddles provides extraordinary touch and feel when hitting the pickleball. With other paddles, I feel confident I can hit the ball where I want, but with this paddle I almost KNOW that I can hit the ball where I want. It provides a very consistent hit throughout the entire surface of the paddle, and a decent amount of power when swinging through the ball. I would say this paddle generally works better with an indoor ball because of the response it gives to the soft ball, but it also works very well with the new varieties of outdoor balls as well as a dura ball in warm temperatures.

  3. Excellent power paddle, striking design, top quality

    By Bruce L. in Ventura, CA April 23, 2016

    I was immediately impressed by my new 300A XL+ paddle. I noticed the weight difference and enjoy the power and control. The graphite surface is top quality and provides good spin action. The bold colorful graphics are striking, even menacing. The edge guard is durable and snug fit. Grip is and ideal diameter and cushion. I am new to pickleball, but after reading reviews I selected this premium paddle. I am delighted and I love my new paddle. My play has improved and I am having a blast. Great job Selkirk sport!

  4. A paddle that does it all

    By Issac J. January 31, 2016

    Through my years of playing and countless paddles used, I have found that graphite surfaces seem to have the most consistent bounce across the entire face of the paddle. This paddle much like the new Paddletek Tempest is very consistent and still packs enough punch to finish points vs high level competition. However, the Selkirk paddle does it with a design that is .5 oz less than the average Tempest weight so it is slightly quicker when maneuvering at the net. The Tempest's extra weight makes a more effortless ground stroke and makes it a better singles paddle in my opinion but I love the 30P graphite for my doubles and singles game alike.

    Comment from Selkirk Sport: if you are looking for a paddle slightly heavier than the our 30P, checkout our 30P Enrique Signature Series paddle (

  5. Maximum Power and Control

    By Mitchell B. January 31, 2016

    Tried this paddle and I thought the 300A Aluminum Honeycomb Core Graphite Pickleball Paddle was the bomb until I tried this paddle. This paddle gives me superb control and concise power like I never had before. It has improved my game 200%. Thank you Selkirk Sport for making this paddle.

  6. 300 A XL Plus

    By Mike C. January 31, 2016

    I've only been playing pickleball for couple months I just received my 300xl + in the mail I was using a champion graphite paddle , just hitting the ball you can feel the quality of this well-made paddle the control I have is unbelievable and I'm putting a crazy amount of spin on the ball this paddle is definitely a keeper

6 Item(s)

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