Factory 2nd 30P Epic Polymer Core Graphite Face

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  1. Great Paddle - Perfect combination of power and control

    By Jim May 15, 2017

    I've been playing pickleball for a few months now and I'm working on improving my game. I wanted to get a little more power out of the racket, so I could focus on hitting with a consistent stroke and not have to try to produce more power with my swing. This racket is exactly what I was looking for. It has excellent power, a large sweet spot, and great touch and control. I started out with a Zen racket, which is a good racket, but this racket gives me more power, with no loss of control.

  2. Love this paddle

    By Norma February 02, 2017

    I am a 5'1" female, small build and this paddle seems perfect for me. I got the thin grip and it fits my hand well. I also love the blue, matches my Baseball teams color. My third shot drop and dinking has improved a bunch. Great Paddle and awesome company to work with.

  3. Tried Em All

    By "The Horns" August 06, 2016

    I tried out the Epic 30PXL at a demo and absolutely like it for its balance and feel. I have bought and used 8 paddles of different brands and this one is absolutely the best one for me. Unfortunately, I still have to use the fundamentals (position, watch paddle hit ball etc) for it to work properly but I am very happy with it and don't plan on messing around with any other type. Highly recommend for all levels of play (I am usapa rated 4.5)

  4. Superior Control, Master Blaster Power

    By MLKing July 28, 2016

    I purchased this at the U.S. Open, 2016 in Naples, FL. Used it between times while I was there refereeing. Awesome control, touch, and power. This paddle also has a lifetime guarantee....other manufacturers don't even come close. I prefer a light paddle that can deliver great power. This is it.

  5. One of the Best Paddles Available

    By Jason March 08, 2016

    The balance (weight distribution) on this paddle is incredible. They range from about 7.2 - 7.4 oz. It has the consistency of a control paddle but can still blast a ball when needed. Also, these are the best edge guards in the industry; your paddle will not get damaged from a repeated drops on the ends, or probably anything else you can throw at it.

  6. Great combination of power and control

    By Gilles February 19, 2016

    I was looking for a light paddle that still offered plenty of power and fell in love with this paddle after a demo. I really like the added texture which helps in adding spin to the ball for more control. I've found the perfect paddle that will last.

  7. Great power and spin

    By Selina January 31, 2016

    I have been trying to find a paddle with a bit more power than them one I had been using. This has it (: Its not too heavy (7.35oz) so it's fast at the net and it seems to pick up on my spins well. This company is fantastic with a great reputation. Excellent "epic-er" paddle Selkirk!!!

  8. Amazing Paddle

    By Keri B. January 31, 2016

    This paddle has changed my game. This paddle gives me accuracy at the net and speed that I haven't been able to achieve until now. I'm so happy with this paddle! Game changer for me.

  9. Awesome paddle the best of both worlds.

    By Doug December 24, 2015

    This paddle with the added weight (.5 ounces) has a great feel to it, so you can make dink after dink with great consistency or drop those third shot approaches into the kitchen with great acurracy. The added weight gives it the just right amount of pop on the ball for you to intermix some power drives and to soften up your play on the next shot. This is a great paddle for begginers and high level player alike.

    Comment from Selkirk Sport: the 30P Enrique Signature Paddle ( is the same as this 30P except it has about .5 ounces of extra weight and a countour grip.

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