One Dozen DURA 40 Pickleball Balls


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One Dozen DURA 40 Pickleball Balls



The Dura Outdoor Pickleballs, also known as the Dura Fast 40, are a seamless plastic whiffle ball specially designed for pickleball. They, like all outdoor pickleballs, have thick walls. The purpose of using hard plastic for a pickleball is to increase the life span of the ball in rough outdoor conditions. The name of the ball is short for “durable” and these balls live up to their name.

The ball is made by injecting a single glob of hot plastic into a mold. The mold is closed and rotated to spread the plastic evenly around the walls of the mold. When the mold has stopped spinning it is opened and the new ball is removed from the mold. Sometimes there is a minor separation seam from excess plastic that leaked out of the mold. This excess plastic is sanded off. Look inside the ball and you will not see a seam.

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  1. They Stay Round!

    By Jason March 08, 2016

    Finally, a ball that stays round in hot weather and doesn't feel like I'm hitting a brick!

  2. nice product

    By Alex March 03, 2016

    nice product

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