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The Club is our most affordable paddle—because we don’t know how to make “cheap” paddles. We’ve reduced a great paddle down to the bare essentials that retains all the great playing characteristics of what makes Selkirk Sport paddles great. Like our Polymer PowerCore™ honeycomb core and featuring our innovative DuraGrip™. In fact, we’re confident this is perhaps the best value paddle that can be built. This is a paddle that you can confidently recommend to a beginner that will make their first experience with Pickleball a great one!

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The Selkirk club is perfect for new & seasoned players looking to improve their Pickleball game. No other paddle packs as many features at an affordable price.


  • Made in the USA by Selkirk Sport: Selkirk Sport manufactures the Club paddle in the USA to ensure quality construction. This innovative paddle brings Selkirk's Polymer PowerCore honeycomb technology to the starter market. You no longer have to settle for a starter price or a professionally manufactured paddle that out performs wood paddles dramatically.
  • DuraGrip Technology With 1-Year Warranty: Utilizes DuraGriptm technology instead of a standard grip wrap. The DuraGriptm is guaranteed to not wear for one year. With the DuraGrip's one piece construction, you don't have to worry about replacing your grip every so often as is the case with traditional grip wraps.
  • Perfect Weight/Power/Control ratio for beginner to intermediate players: Weighing in at just over 7oz, the club is lightweight for quick reaction time, but not so light it feels like you are swinging a fly swatter. A paddle under 7oz will not provide the power necessary to succeed in Pickleball, where as a paddle over 7oz will tire your arm not have the required control to succeed the finesse Pickleball game. Choose a paddle lightweight, unlike wood, but heavy enough to offer the right power and control.
  • 1-Year Warranty Against Materials, Manufacturing Defects, and Grip: Selkirk Sport stands behind all of its products and offers a 1-year warranty against materials, manufacturing defects, and the DuraGrip. 


Is this paddle approved for Pickleball play? The club composite paddle is approved for rec play and non-sanctioned tournament play. If you want a paddle that is also approved for sanctioned tournament play, we recommend our NEO Composite paddle.

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  1. This is best paddle in this price

    By Niraj July 24, 2017

    I used this paddle in India in extreme condition when temperature is almost 45 Celsius. I loved this paddle actually I have many Selkirk paddles and we all around 30 member in a group using almost all Selkirk paddles all are superb, but this paddle is cost effective and very good paddles for beginners if u are going planning to buy ur first paddle or u wan to start Pickleball this is perfect paddle, later u buy any better paddle of Selkirk if u are planing to go in tournament.

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