Selkirk Sport 200A Composite Pickleball Paddle with Aluminum Core

After the release of our First Run of 200A-L paddles, we were able to take a wealth of knowledge and experience gained along with player feedback and invest it back into updating and improving our 200A line and we are very excited with the results. We are extremely pleased to introduce to you, our new, updated 200A Composite Series Pickleball Paddles.

Our new 200A paddles are constructed with an even higher-quality aluminum-honeycomb and composite surface core. xl and l sizesWe've reduced the thickness of the core from .5" down to .4" which has resulted in a lighter, yet stronger paddle. We've reduced the weight of the L size paddle alone over a full ounce to under 7 oz! We're also introducing our popular XL size to the line which increases the playing area for those that want to dig each and every shot back across the net and adds that extra power that comes from the additional weight.

These paddles incorporate some of the same touch and control benefits of our 300A Series, but provide an edge with some power that lends itself well to an authoritative style of play. This paddle oozes confidence and will become an intimidating tool of choice on courts all over the country very quickly. This paddle will define the concept of "Power Under Control". We encourage you to order your paddle today as we anticipate filling many orders over the next few weeks.

If you're going be at The Nationals VI Tournament in Buckeye, AZ next month, be sure to visit our table and get a feel for our paddles in person. Our very own Rob Barnes will be competing in the tournament this year and we're looking forward to seeing our paddles in action in the hands of many others for our first Nationals.