20P-XL Epic Polymer Composite Pickleball Paddle

We are incredibly excited to announce our latest offering for the serious Pickleball player: our new Epic line of paddles, officially and affectionately titled the 20P Epic Polymer Composite Pickleball Paddle, available in our most popular XL size. We've taken the same amazing polymer core from our 200P line and we've refined it into a paddle that provides all the touch and control, making it a great paddle at the net, while still providing the power of polymer in a lighter weight that allows for a power-swing that drops perfectly in the back court. While individual experiences can be subjective, we believe this is possibly the most powerful paddle for it's weight range on the market!

Speaking of weight, these paddles clock in between 6.8 and 7.4 oz. This is the perfect paddle for players with quick wrist-action that need that extra speed for lightning-quick volleys at the net as well as players looking to lessen the impact of their swings on their elbows. To help shave that weight, we've implemented our own proprietary, lightweight, yet incredibly durable, ultra low-profile, edge guard technology, that help make Selkirk Sport paddles stand out from the competition.

We use the finest Gamma Pro-Lite grip over our custom, ultra-rigid, high-density foam build-up, but if you would like us to use a thinner overgrip instead to make the grip slightly-smaller from the standard 4.125" or add it on top of the standard grip to make it thicker, just give us a call, we'll build the grip the way you want it.

The 20P-XL comes in two eye-catching, screen-printed, color combos, our electric Lime Green and brilliant Cyan Blue that will make a serious statement on the court. And perhaps the best news for some, is it is our most affordable paddle to date. At just $69.99, this is an amazing price and an opportunity to get your hands on a Selkirk Sport paddle and experience true Selkirk quality.

This is a seriously fun paddle for the most serious players—you know who you are! It is now shipping so order yours now!